“Adam Vest, President Of Colorado Hail Solutions Offers To Pay Auto Hail Damage Insurance Claims Up To $1000”

Published on April 24, 2019

Colorado Hail Solutions, a new Paintless Dent Repair Company opens to help Colorado residents get their vehicles back in like new condition after hail damage without coming out of pocket.

Entrepreneur Adam Vest opens a new Paintless Dent Repair company, Colorado Hail Solutions in Denver, CO to service the thousands of Colorado residents who experience hail damage each year.

Hail damage is such a problem in Colorado that there are not enough shops to handle the workload and repair time can often take weeks to months. There are teams from other states who take advantage of this problem and come to Colorado looking for work during the hail season.

Unfortunately, many of these transient companies come in and perform a service, but are gone in a few months leaving some very unsatisfied customers.

Vest recognized the problem and has opened his own Paintless Dent Repair company which is family owned and operated. Colorado Hail Solutions hire experienced technicians of at least 5 years and guarantee the work on all vehicles so Colorado residents can rest assured that their hail damaged vehicles will be restored to like new condition.

Last year, Colorado was the number one state in the country for hail damage with Colorado Springs getting hit really hard with about 90 hail storms, while Denver had 19. It only takes a few minutes to cause massive damage to a huge amount of vehicles and insurance companies are struggling to keep up with the problem.

Many insurance companies set up tents where they evaluate the hail damaged vehicles and offer a quick settlement. Adam Vest, president of Colorado Hail Solutions claims that these companies are offering far less than they should be and vehicles cannot be evaluated properly under a tent.

Vest states, “You cannot see all the damage done to a vehicle under a tent. It requires very high end, specialized, Paintless Dent Repair lighting to really see each dent. Under a tent, you may see 10 dents, but under proper lighting, my paintless dent repair technicians might find thirty to forty dents.”

Another big issue working with insurance companies is that there can be a major out of pocket expense. Deductibles can be quite high and the length of time it takes to repair the damage can mean people can be without their car for weeks. Colorado Hail Solutions want to take all those out of pocket expenses away for their clients and offer to pay the deductible up to one thousand dollars and cover the cost of a rental car if the insurance company doesn’t provide it.

Vest also notes that even if a customer has accepted an insurance payout to cover the expenses of repair there is still something that can be done to get the repairs done properly without coming out of pocket. He also shares that there is no time limit on claiming for hail damage, which means even if the vehicle was covered by insurance years ago, a claim can still be made.

Paintless Dent Repair is becoming more popular in the United States in recent years after becoming the go-to method for repairing damage from hail storms and minor dents and dings. It is most common in Europe where many countries have used the process for years to repair vehicles without destroying the paintwork.

Colorado Hail Solutions opened in Denver in Feburary 2019 and is already serving clients from all over the state.

To learn more about Adam Vest and Colorado Hail Solutions, visit: http://coloradohailsolutions.com

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