Carol A Santella Discovers The Singing Massage Therapist

Published on April 24, 2019

Carol A Santella Discovers The Singing Massage Therapist, Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT, who has reached national success while maintaining the unique and personalized care of the one.

Grant has reached national success, yet it has been a given that the importance of maintaining the care of “the one” remain.

Our world today can have many challenges, trials, unrest, hurts, loss and more. It is also no secret that the old adage of tender loving care is needed more today than ever before as that unrest occurs globally. Therapies such as: relaxation therapy, music as therapy, compassionate therapeutic touch therapy, sound therapy, aromatherapy, essential oil therapy, craniosacral and massage therapy and Bach Flower therapy, to name a few, can individually touch and involve the senses. This can have profound positive effect on emotional equilibrium. The unique factor here is the combination of what Grant has effortlessly and professionally designed into one unique method making Grant “The Singing Massage Therapist.”

Santella, Publicity, Business Strategist and Consultant, met Grant a few years ago, but never came to know the extent of some of her work until Grant told Santella that she had written over 1000 songs and CDs for ministering to her individual clients.
Grant shared “that her training involved a therapy known as vibrational attunement massage, which has its own connection with song and massage,” yet it still wasn’t clear as to how her writing and her singing played a part in her unique work.

Santella stated: “When I learned that Grant’s clients (those who have suffered loss, heartbreak or who are wounded by the many hurts and trials of this life) along with Karyn herself, both wear headsets during a session while receiving the vibrational attunement massage work is when the power and the uniqueness of her work became quite clear.” Grant, not only writes and sings the songs used in a session, but also develops the technique and use of special oil blends and teaches this one of a kind work to “Joy Coaches Across America” and beyond.

Testimonials from Grant’s clients and others they know who are overcoming heartbreak, loss, grief and more continue as Grant is contacted for songs to be written for specific problems they are experiencing in their lives. This, in itself, is a unique twist to massage therapy as most of us know it.

Grant takes these requests to heart, as the words come to her for the personalized songs and many Faith filled CDs she has written and writes for those in need of comfort.

“It was learning about these combined services, how the music, the massage, the blends that are customized and complement the personalized songs (let alone the losses, grief and in turn the comforting) experienced by so many are who Karyn Lynn Grant is. I believe Karyn always recognized and knew that she was a massage therapist who sang, but she is quite literally now been dubbed “The Singing Massage Therapist,” Santella continued.

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