Aikang Semiconductor Lighting Co. Produces Best Panel Light Technical and Green Energy Technology

Published on July 28, 2015

When it comes to office, hospitals, shopping malls and other establishments, panel light is very much of popular use because of their higher brightness compared to ordinary fluorescent lights. This is the reason why establishments such as hotels and shopping malls opt to use panel lights.

In that sense, Aikang knows what customers need and thus provide the best and most functional panel lights in the market. Apart from the incredible features that Aikang panel lights offer, they are made using advanced technical and green energy technology with respect to the environment. Aikang understands the importance of preserving the environment for future generations which is what leads them in creating green products.

Aikang panel lights offers wide variety of features designed to provide many benefits to their customers. Such features include side glow technologies, adjustable lighting and unique optical design. The side glow technologies enables for the light emitted from the panel to be more soft and comfortable, compared to straight down back light.

This is made possible through the use of independent LED light guide plate with unique optical design, plus the micro-nano light guide plate as well. On the other hand, Aikang’s adjustable panel light offers customers with lighting that is most reliable with no ghosting. With this, Aikand panel light is able to offer their esteemed clients with the most comfortable experience and lighting environment.

Aikang’s panel light also offers client’s with an even brighter products through its unique design of LED light guide. Generally, LED panel lights use LED diffuser plate with circular glow. In the case of Aikang’s panel light, the LED diffuser plate comes with luminescent regional distribution located within the edge. With this design, Aikang panel light’s efficiency is significantly increased.

Having been established back in 2011, the Aikang has been dedicated to using green energy technology in manufacturing and developing LED lighting products. In that sense, customers of Aikang can very well expect that the company will continue to their very best in developing the best LED lighting in order to meet their increasing demands.

Their good reputation in many countries all over the world, from Europe, Asia and America is already proof of their quality service to their people. Following core values of honesty, quality, satisfaction and creativity, Aikang will continue to strive in delivering quality products such as panel lighting to the market. With Aikang, customers no longer have to look further for the best quality lighting fixtures they will ever need.

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