At Home Certified Senior Heathcare of Doylestown PA, Raises The Level Of In Home Care To Dementia Patients With Staff Certification.

Published on July 26, 2015

At Home Certified Senior Heathcare of Doylestown PA., an in-home care agency, is pleased to announce the Dementia Care Certification of seven staff members.

AHCSH allows aging patients to remain in their homes as they grow old as opposed to being moved into a home when family is not readily available to assist them on a regular basis. The agency, which serves Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, has offered many in-home services since its opening in 2009, including Companion Care, Personal Care, and Live-in services for their clients and is now focusing on providing assistance to those suffering from dementia, a health concern growing at an ever-increasing rate.  

In an effort to stay up to date with the latest innovations of in-home-care, At Home Certified Senior Healthcare, requires staff and caregivers to partake in continuing education programs and earlier this month, seven members of the At Home Team became Certified Dementia Practitioners through the National Council of Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP).  With this certification, team members Anisha Pattankar, Tracy Dance, Devin Fabiani, Susan Michael, Alyssa Spangenberg, Shanae Byrd and Alice Ritchinson are able to provide special services that allow dementia sufferers to remain at home despite their illness.

Dementia is the loss of memory functions that interferes with a person’s independent daily function and can be classified into two groups: reversible and irreversible dementia.  Dementia may be reversible in the cases of drug or alcohol abuse, hormone or vitamin imbalances, head trauma, infection or in the case of depression.   It is believed that approximately twenty percent of dementia sufferers fall into the reversible dementia category and are “treatable”.  Because of this it is important for dementia symptoms to be evaluated to make sure a treatment is not missed.  The most well-known and common types of dementia are caused by neurological, vascular, and inherited disorders with Alzheimer’s disease accounting for fifty to seventy percent of all dementia.  While these disorders are nonreversible, At Home Certified Senior Healthcare can help those diagnosed remain comfortable in their own homes.

The diagnosis of dementia has been drastically increasing in recent years, with reports of as many as 3 million new cases in the United States per year, and while the reason behind the increased cases is still not known, it has become imperative for healthcare workers to learn how to effectively interact with those diagnosed with dementia.   Home care aids are often alone with dementia patients and must be able to focus on the positive with maintaining and enhancing abilities that remain intact.

Educating caregivers is one of the many ways that AHCSH strives to maintain the overall goal of “achieving success through client satisfaction”.  

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