Alan Porter Speaks To International Thought Leaders At West Point

Published on November 19, 2016

Financial advisor, Alan Porter, spoke to a select group of thought leaders from around the world at a symposium held at the Military Academy at West Point, NY Oct 6th – 9th, 2016.

Porter, CEO of Strategic Wealth Strategies, shared the stage with world-renowned figures Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Lt. Gen Russel Honore’. The event was part of the Faculty Leadership Speakers Academy, an event that brings cutting edge leadership innovation to entrepreneurs and other thought leaders.

Porter is a retired Army Blackhawk Instructor Pilot. This experience in conjunction with a couple of life tragedies makes him a no-nonsense unconventional financial planner. He takes a personal approach compared with other financial planners by helping his clients find money that they are transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily through significant wealth transfers by the way they are paying taxes, school loans, their mortgages, capital expenditures, and by the way they fund their retirement plans.

Porter is on a mission to defend his clients from the enemy, excessive taxes and wealth killing financial strategies. In this regard, he is praised and appreciated by his clients for being on their side. The audience was spell bound as though they were about to do a reconnaissance mission. He exclaimed, “I have crossed over into the terrain of the wealthy and powerful, and I guide clients on how to use legal obscure financial strategies. I broke the insider’s financial code and I’m out to share the secrets the wealthy and the financial institutions use to protect, retain and increase wealth. I want each to become their personal bank to pay themselves instead of the banks.”

The program filled with Imagineering included further opportunity and security forecasting. Lt. General Honore’ who cautioned “The next wars will be about water, not oil. From global and domestic terrorist threats to natural disasters, we encounter new risks to our individual, community, and economic security each day. We will need to leverage technology to deal with 7 to 10 Billion people. It’s not an option; we must do it. Imagine a plane landing at LaGuardia and the computer tells the pilot that the passenger in seat 22 has a fever. None of this is invented, and we have to live up to our ability to be innovators and dreamers.”

The other keynote speaker was Col. and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, an American engineer and a former astronaut who is working on his next mission. As the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 11, he was one of the first two humans to land on the Moon, and the second person to walk on it spoke about going big on his mission to Mars. He commented, “In my opinion, there is no more convincing way to demonstrate American leadership for the remainder of this century than to commit to a permanent presence on Mars, going to Mars without setting up a colony — launching only round-trip manned missions is not enough, nor would establishing human outposts on the moon.”

Porter disclosed a series of life changing events that thrust him into the insurance and financial industry, namely desperation. He wished he had a financial guide with this intelligence on his side, in his darkest hour. His downfall is the driving force that gives Porter the passion for his new career. He explained, “My son Todd, at age 35, contracted a debilitating disease and is now 100% disabled. Three years after that, Todd’s wife Lynn called my wife and me to tell us her diagnosis, stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She died a year later, leaving two little girls, my granddaughters to be raised by my disabled son. WE WERE DEVASTATED.”

After regrouping, his U.S. Army training instincts kicked in to help other families facing tragedies as he experienced. At that moment, his future calling was forged out of his pain. In his closing remarks, he admonished his audience, “I educate my clients to think outside the box; it’s up to us to take control of our money and not the financial institutions. I’ve got the financial strategies to change your financial position in your life. I challenge you to step up and own your leadership to protect and chart your financial destiny. Leadership means protecting your family and yourself to leave a legacy that makes a difference in the world. You only have one life, make it a life of significance.” Porter completed his mission, and he received a standing ovation.

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