John McDonough Speaks To International Thought Leaders At West Point

John McDonough Speaks To International Thought Leaders At West Point

President and CEO of Houston-based Studemont Group of companies spoke to a select group of thought leaders from around the world at a symposium held at the Military Academy at West Point, NY Oct 6th – 9th, 2016.

McDonough shared the stage with world-renowned figures Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Lt. Gen Russel Honore. The event was part of the Faculty Leadership Speakers Academy, an event that brings cutting edge leadership innovation to entrepreneurs and other thought leaders.

McDonough used the stage at West Point to launch an insurgency against critics and haters that are attacking the American Dream and corroding the mindset of Americans about prosperity and a safe and glorious retirement. As a former professional soccer player, McDonough is a competitive warrior who has learned the art of winning at everything he does. When his athletic career ended in 2001, he transitioned into being a fighter in the theater of wealth management, college prep, income tax-free planning, and retirement planning needs of pre-retired and retired clients, as well as business owners and their businesses.

McDonough spoke passionately about the current state of affairs and what prosperity minded patriots can do to reclaim the American Dream. Attendees were spellbound to know that the “Dream” is not dead, it just regrouped. For nearly two decades McDonough has been coaching investors how to fight back against the stock market bullies, prognosticators, and conmen. McDonough commented, “Investors don’t have to feel like the stock market is just a big ‘gamble’ with their life savings. I am out to help business owners, executives, and key employees create tax-free retirement income with literally zero or practically zero dollars of out-of-pocket cash flow. I can design a proprietary strategy to retain key employees with zero negative impact on the balance sheet. We help people retire better than they lived working.” The audience responded as though there were just about to battle the enemy with a standing ovation.

In the day’s program, Lt. General Honore’ spoke about his vision, “The next wars will be about water, not oil. From global and domestic terrorist threats to natural disasters, we encounter new risks to our individual, community, and economic security each day. We will need to leverage technology to deal with 7 to 10 Million people it’s not an option we must do it. Imagine a plane landing at LaGuardia and the computer tells the pilot that the passenger in seat 22 has a fever. None of this is invented, and we have to live up to our ability to be innovators and dreamers.”

The other keynote speaker, Col. and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, an American engineer and a former astronaut shared his next mission. As the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 11, he was one of the first two humans to land on the Moon, and the second person to walk on it spoke about going big on his mission to Mars. He commented, “In my opinion, there is no more convincing way to demonstrate American leadership for the remainder of this century than to commit to a permanent presence on Mars, going to Mars without setting up a colony — launching only round-trip manned missions is not enough, nor would establishing human outposts on the moon.”

If McDonough had a flag or a warrior shield, the emblem would have the symbolism of his favorite quote he used in his opening and closing remarks. He cited the American founding father, James Adams, who wrote, “The dream of the land in which life should be better and fuller for everyone with the opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” McDonough wants to see a renaissance in education for those that want to reach the sky in “ability and achievement.” He has authored the book entitled “How to Give Your Child a 4-Year Education Without Going Broke.” He is also currently authoring his second book “Money Without Doubt™.”

McDonough is a sought after expert in his field for media interviews having the acumen of a former radio talk show host. McDonough has worked to educate Houston area residents through his past radio show Money Myth Busters on 100.7 FM KKHT. Through the weekly broadcast, McDonough strived to “bust” conventional wisdom of economic myths and answer listeners’ questions. Some of his show topics included: complacency and your money; myths associated with financial products; how not to be a slave to the lender; insider trading in Congress, and more. McDonough is out to win the war, and he is not taking any prisoners who have bought into the poverty and entitlement mentality.

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