Alex Changho Tops Amazon Charts With New Series About Bullying

Alex Changho Tops Amazon Charts With New Series About Bullying

Business Coach Alex Changho releases new book about bullying, featuring experts from the United States and around the world. These leaders bring to the table unique experiences and perspectives that will resonate with children and parents, helping reduce the negative effects of bullying.

The inaugural volume of BULLYPROOF: Unleash the Hero Inside Your Kid hit #1 on when it was released in early September.  Quickly rising to the top of charts in Parenting Short Reads, BULLYPROOF also took the #2 spot in School Age Children and the #3 spot in the School Age Children-Parenting categories.

“I’m so grateful for the reception of this book, and for the contributors in BULLYPROOF who are making a huge difference in their communities,” says Changho.  “This tells me that the messages contained within the pages will resonate with families, and help make kids stronger and more emotionally fit to handle bullying when it happens.”

Changho, a business coach, works with his clients to become more involved in local communities and to make a real difference in the lives of their students, members, and customers.  Because a number of his clients worked specifically with families on the topic of bullying, the BULLYPROOF book series was a perfect fit.

“There’s a big problem out there right now with bullying.  And it’s not bullying itself- that will probably never go away.  The problem is the way that people handle bullying, and the effects bullying has on people.”

Changho himself was bullied, he says.  “When I was a kid, I got teased, picked on, and bullied.  And because I didn’t have great self-confidence and didn’t feel good about myself, it was a problem.  Today, I’m sure I still get picked on, but it doesn’t bother me and I rarely notice it, because I have great confidence.  I’m bullyproof.”

The contributing authors hold expertise in a number of industries including martial arts, medical fields, health and nutrition, and behavioral studies.  Each chapter details one author’s own stories and opinions on bullyproofing children.

This volume is the first in a series designed to be a forum for even more experts and leaders to affect their communities in a positive way by educating the readers and advocating for their children’s safety.  Future volumes will involve other authors who give their own insights.

“Having a book is something that all people understand.  In a day and age where technology changes so quickly, and there are so many ways to convey information, books are still universally understood and respected,” Changho explains.

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