BalloFlex Announces Upcoming Training Seminars for Unique Seated Exercise Program

BalloFlex Announces Upcoming Training Seminars for Unique Seated Exercise Program

BalloFlex, an innovative chair exercise program aimed at people of all ages and skill levels, announces upcoming training workshops in San Antonio and Tampa for men and women interested in becoming certified instructors.

BalloFlex Fitness, the leader in advanced chair fitness programs, is excited to announce two upcoming training events geared toward helping physical therapists, exercise physiologists, assisted living staff and other healthcare and social service personnel become BalloFlex Certified Instructors so they can bring better physical and emotional health and wellness to their patients and clients.

The events will be held in San Antonio, Tex., on September 12th and Tampa, Fla., on October 18th.

Founded by dance instructor and competitive athlete Julie Buckeye, BalloFlex Fitness is a seated chair fitness program that helps men and women of all ages and all fitness levels achieve better health and wellness through a unique workout program designed to incorporate music to engage and motivate. BalloFlex was specifically designed to be easily accessible for men and women with disabilities as well as seniors whose physical status interferes with traditional exercise programs.

“When I looked at available exercise programs for people with disabilities or inactive in senior facilities, I was shocked at how difficult they can be for someone with limited mobility,” Buckeye said. “That’s why BalloFlex Fitness was created using seated exercises set to music which stimulates memories and energy.”

Unlike many fitness programs that require a fairly high degree of physical ability, strength and flexibility, BalloFlex is ideal for people with significant motor impairments as well as those with substantial weight issues who find other exercise programs uncomfortable, discouraging and even demoralizing. The BalloFlex Fitness system was designed to be fun and easy to understand, making it the perfect choice for seniors, children and people recovering from stroke, heart attack or personal injuries.

Multiple studies have shown the benefits of regular exercise, both from a physical and an emotional standpoint. The BalloFlex system helps improve muscle tone and range of motion, as well as boosting confidence and self-esteem, and its innovative use of music helps stimulate happy thoughts for an enjoyable workout that’s as fun as it is effective. BalloFlex exercise routines are designed to target the muscles in the body’s core, including the upper body, lower body and abdominal muscles for overall improvement of tone, strength and flexibility.

In addition to instructor-led programs, BalloFlex Fitness also offers a series of DVDs that enable participants to enjoy a workout on their own or in between professional training sessions.

To learn more about BalloFlex or to register for an upcoming BalloFlex instructor training workshop, visit the BalloFlex Fitness website at or use the online contact form to request more information.

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