Amanda Forslund Announces Being a Featured Author in Book Published on Amazon: Pathway to a Positive Mental Attitude: 17 Steps to Success Conversations with World-Class Napoleon Hill Certified Leaders

Published on June 26, 2019

The new book published on focuses on the time-tested success principles of Napoleon Hill. The Napoleon Hill Foundation exists to help people. They’re a non-profit organization to help grow and develop people; to help them to become more successful. They do that based on the Napoleon Hill Foundation mission of Making the World a Better Place in Which to Live. Napoleon Hill taught the 17 Principles of Success. These are time-tested principles and the strategies were proven repeatedly and it became a rock-solid foundation. Almost every motivational guru today, from Tony Robins to Brendon Burchard to John Maxwell started with Napoleon Hill’s Principles.

Amanda, a Certified Leader with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, said about the project:  “I am so happy to be a part of this book and contribute to change peoples’ lives. When I was on my way to Wise, Virginia I felt that this trip will change my life forever. And it does! I met all the incredible people and this amazing gentleman, Lefford Fate, who got the idea to write a book together, and now we have this wonderful book, “Pathway to a Positive Mental Attitude” on Amazon!  This book can definitively build on your journey to be greater. I am humbled and excited to be one of the dynamic authors and value, my friend Lefford Fate, for bringing us together as an alliance.”

Copies of this book may be purchased on Amazon:


About Amanda Forslund

Amanda Forslund is a proud certified Leader of Napoleon Hill´s philosophy science of success, business coach, passionate writer and public speaker. Amanda is founder and CEO of Millionaire Mind University and has developed a training program, Life by Design to empower women to find and follow their passion and to reach theirs higher potential.

Previously Amanda had created a 7-figure beauty business in Sweden. Her mission is to continue promote Napoleon Hill´s legacy and spread his proven system of success into Europe.

Amanda Forslund is privileged to be the first and only Napoleon Hill´s certified Leader in 2019 in both Sweden and Croatia with exclusive right to teach success principles. She has studied at Bryan Tracy´s Leadership program, get certified at Steven R. Covey course The 7 good Habits, and just attend the World Class Speaker 2-years mentorships program with Kane & Alessia Minkus. She has found peace of mind and inner happiness which she teaches at Millionaire Mind University.

Amanda strongly believes in the potential of individuals, unlimited resources within, and her goal is to empower women to dare to believe in themselves, change their mindset and encourage them to create the life they deserve.

Apart from professional work, Amanda is mother, grandmother, has a loving relationship with an amazing gentleman, and lives in Stockholm. Amanda loves morning walks in the wood, reading, writing, meditates daily and travel several times a year to her paradise island of North Cyprus there she has a beautiful penthouse by the sea.

At  you can find Millionaire Mind University´s program Life by Design which will get you from where you are to where you want to be.

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