Amazon No 1 Best Selling Author on Cybercrime, Roger Smith Pitches to the Business World on KickStarter to Back a Game

Published on February 9, 2015

Cyber Security Expert and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author in 3 Categories, Roger Smith is Launching a Fund Raising Campaign on the World’s Largest Crowd Funding Platform, Kickstarter to Fund the Release of a Board Game that Teaches Business Owners How to Combat Rampant Cybercrime

Canberra, ACT, February, 2015 – 3 time Amazon # 1 Best Selling Author on Cyber Crime, Roger Smith is turning to the Internet to raise funds to produce a board game to help business people understand the dangers of cybercrime.   With funding a major obstacle in getting early stage project off the ground, together with uncertain global economic conditions, technology companies have to be more innovative in the way they approach fund raising tactics

In line with Kickstarter ( guidelines, the project has a set number of days to raise the required funds, or the project is terminated and early investor pledges are cancelled and the project is not funded.  Smith has a total of 30 days in the fundraising window until the cut-off date of 27 February, 2015 to raise the required $10,000.

When asked why Kickstarter was appealing, Smith said “The ability to spread the word quickly, to a lot of people in both the business and the security world is invaluable.  To keep them updated on the status of the project keeps it honest”.   An additional advantage for Smith, is that kick-starter’s merchant partner Amazon allows pledges and donations from all over the world, making it a very attractive process to raise funds.

Over the past  15 years Smith has learnt that cybercrime is indiscriminate and targets everyone and that it is very hard for managers and owners to understand the implications.    

Smith’s board game “Threat Matrix” is a fast, simple and quick game that pits 2 players against each other.  One is the manager of a 200 computer user manufacturing business with a number of retail outlets and the other is a hacker.   The objective of the game is to not allow the hacker to get in to the computer network using a specially designed card based gaming system.   The manager’s challenge, like in real life, is restricted by finances, knowledge and normal business capability.  In game testing, the hacker has won 89% of the time.

Threat Matrix has been play tested for months and has been constantly improved, to create what it is today, a digital Defence training aid for Business Owners, “C” Level Executives, Board Members and Mid-Level Managers.   

If the project is successfully funded, Smith expects the board game on sale by June, 2015.   Smith also plans to take the game to another level, where it can be played at trade shows using tablets and computers.   

To learn more about the project, visit the projects pitch page:

About Roger Smith

Roger Smith, is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author in 3 categories of the book “Cybercrime – A Clear and Present Danger” and the author of “The Basics of Business Security”.   Smith also regularly talks at seminars and on the radio concerning cybercrime and cybersecurity issues.   Smith blogs on this topic on his business website and his cybersecurity website

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