The ALL ABOUT YOU Mortgage™ program launched by Home Buyer University in Richmond, Va.

The ALL ABOUT YOU Mortgage™ program launched by Home Buyer University in Richmond, Va.

Jamie Chaffin, Founder of Homebuyer University seeks to educate today’s consumer on the mortgage process with his new venture.

Jamie Lee Chafin, Founder and Lead Instructor of the Home Buyer University, announces the launch of the All About You Mortgage™ program. This new program will give consumers a “behind the scene” look at getting a mortgage loan, the fees involved in the origination phase, what they mean, who is responsible for each fee and how they are determined. Additionally, the program examines the role of the real estate agent, the in-house lender, attorneys, settlement agents, appraisals, home inspections, and title insurance.

A recent study by the Mortgage Bankers Association revealed many consumers are confused about the mortgage process. Over the last several years Federal regulations have added more paperwork and documentation requirements to the mortgage process leaving the consumer seeking information from a variety of sources.

“When you couple the additional regulations with the abundance of miss-information on the internet, today’s consumer can become confused quickly,” said Jamie Lee.

“The All About You Mortgage™ program is specifically designed for anyone interested in buying a home. It’s not exclusive to first time home buyers… it’s for every home buyer,” said Jamie Lee Chafin, Founder and Lead Instructor of the Richmond, Va. Home Buyer University. “The rules of buying a home have changed in the last several years. It more important than ever for consumers to know everything possible about the process and the money before they ever contact a real estate agent.”

Participating in the All About You Mortgage™ program is totally free of charge to anyone. The program goes over 20 different aspects of getting a mortgage loan and related topics. The founder, Jamie Lee Chafin, says “It’s my way of giving back to the community and providing a much needed service at the same time.” Anyone interested in the program should contact Home Buyer University.

Home Buyer University was founded in 2009 in Richmond, Va, by Jamie Lee Chafin, a 20 year veteran of the real estate, home building, land development, and mortgage business. Mr. Chafin has helped over 1000 families with their mortgage loans and home purchases. He is a registered MLO #322986 and a licensed Assoc. Broker in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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