Ana Rosenberg Invited To Present At The Women’s Leadership Virtual Summit

Published on October 28, 2016

Ana Rosenberg was invited to present about how professionals, experts and entrepreneurs with a mission and a message can position themselves to be seen, respected and chosen by their best clients at the upcoming Women’s Leadership Virtual Summit.

Ana Rosenberg was invited to present at the Women’s Leadership Virtual Summit taking place on November 16-19 on the topic of positioning for professionals, experts and entrepreneurs with a mission and a message.

When asked about her presentation, Rosenberg commented, “I’m thrilled to be presenting about positioning, which is really about ‘visibility’ as opposed to ‘invisibility’. Do you ever wonder why people don’t see the real value of what you offer? It’s a disservice to keep your good work and your contribution to the world invisible in an ocean of people who seem to be doing the exact same as what you do to your ideal people. Give the people ready to invest in their transformation the reasons they need to choose you.”

Rosenberg highlighted the most important aspects of her presentation for the summit by saying, “We’ll be talking about how to position yourself and your contribution to be seen, respected and rewarded so that the people you can help the most “see its real value” without having to compete on price. We’ll specifically cover what positioning really is and where it really happens; how to position your good work right so that it stands out and gets seen in an ocean of people that – to your ideal client/patient/student ready to buy – seem to be doing exactly the same as you; historically proven secrets to positioning that defies price gravity; how to build confidence to stand out (and do the things necessary) as a Leader in your field; and most importantly, how you can become seen as a Leading Authority in your field so that you never have to compete on price.”

The mission of this summit is to bring world top thought leaders in the Women’s Leadership industry to knowledge seekers hungry to learn, and in turn making the world a brighter, more enlightened place. This year’s Women’s Leadership Virtual Summit theme is “Women Empowering Women – The Feminine Touch to Success”. To learn more about the summit, visit

A 7-time best-selling author, Ana Rosenberg is an advocate for the success of modern professionals, experts and entrepreneurs who are changing the world with their good work. She is a host of Business Innovators Radio and a contributor to the Huffington Post, Small Business Trendsetters and International Business Avant-garde. She specializes in finding the right positioning for experts so that their good work gets a fair chance to stand out and attract their best clients without having to compete on price. To learn more about Ana Rosenberg, visit

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