Andrea Fairbairn’s Chemo and Back Again becomes Number One Amazon Bestseller in US, Canada, and Australia

Published on April 12, 2018

Chemo and Back Again, a recently released book by Andrea Fairbairn, has quickly made its way to the pole position in Amazon US, Canada, and Australia. A two-time cancer survivor, the author has shared her own experience of cancer, chemo and recovery through this book.

Andrea Fairbairn, a two time cancer survivor, is pleased to announce that her recently launched book “Chemo and Back Again” is now the number one Amazon bestseller in the US, Canada, and Australia. Through this book, Andrea passionately shares her experience of cancer, chemo and recovery with the goal of making this painful journey a little easier for others.

Cancer is undoubtedly one of the most dreaded diseases that continue to claim millions of lives every year. It changes everything for the sufferers including their bodies, relationships, and the entire world around them. Having been through this experience twice in her life, Andrea feels that it is hard to deal with cancer, but dealing with chemo is even harder.

“Finding out that you need to do chemo is huge. Many of us are scared of doing chemo and how it will affect us,” Andrea explains. “It is easy to feel depressed, anxious, overwhelmed and uncertain about the path ahead. And sometimes it’s hard to find the right resources to guide and help.”

Andrea decided to write her book with the intention of supporting and comforting the cancer sufferers through their life’s most difficult conversations and situations. It provides answers to all their questions and fears, and shows the path to remain strong, resilient and optimistic throughout the process. The author informs that her book is suitable for men and women diagnosed with cancer or going through treatment, those who’ve finished treatment, and those who are living with or dying from cancer.

“The book has been designed to sit on your lap during and after chemo, and give you hope and joy during the difficult days. The book is full of inspiring images for you to look at before, during and after chemo,” Andrea says.

Some of the key attributes of the book include

  • Guidance and tips on how to ‘do’ cancer, chemo and recovery
  • Lots of practical tips on keeping as healthy and happy as possible during chemo
  • Helps alleviate fears of chemo, cancer and the side effects of chemo

“Chemo and Back Again” is currently available in Kindle and Paperback versions. To find out more about this life changing book, please visit


About the Author:  Andrea Fairbairn is a two-time cancer survivor, and the founder of Breast Cancer Nirvana and The Joy Agency. Her recently written book “Chemo and Back Again” is now the number one Amazon bestseller in the US, Canada, and Australia. Andrea has shared her experience of cancer, chemo and recovery through this book.

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