Key Metal Refining LLC To Launch Educational Series About PGM Sampling & Assays

Published on April 11, 2018

Key Metal Refining, a company that buys scrap catalytic converters throughout the United States and Canada and recycles the scrap catalytic converters at their New Jersey plant, will be launching a series of videos to educate sellers of catalytic converters about the process of sampling and assaying.

Key Metal Refining LLC, a subsidiary of DOWA Metals & Mining, announced it will be creating a series of videos designed to eliminate some of the misconceptions regarding the processing, sampling, and analysis of catalytic converters.

 “We want sellers of scrap catalytic converters to better understand all the factors that go into determining the value of their material. If someone has a good understanding of the process they will be less likely to be fooled by deceptive claims and appreciate when they are receiving an honest and fair value.

Many people in this business rely on deceptive practices in order to generate a profit. They only win if someone else loses and they take advantage of vulnerabilities.  This is about to change” said John D. Bruno, the company’s president.

 Bruno further explains “A well-informed seller is good for the industry, and everyone benefits…well except for the people who are benefiting by spreading bad information and [crap].”

The series is set to be released during the second quarter of 2018.

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About Key Metal Refining

Key Metal Refining (KMR) buys scrap catalytic converters as the raw material source for its platinum group metal sales generated through its recovery and refining process. KMR’s controlling partner is DOWA Metals and Mining Co. America, a wholly owned subsidiary of DOWA Holdings Co, Ltd.

KMR recycles catalytic converters at its plant in Hainesport New Jersey. The material is further refined and smelted by DOWA in Japan. 

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