Antonella Lo Re’s Latest Book “Seven Steps To Joy” Becomes An International Best Seller

Published on October 30, 2017

Spiritual writer Antonella Lo Re latest book, Seven Steps To Joy, climbed to the Top 20 in Canada and the UK and all the way to Number One in the US on Best Seller List, October 17, 2017.

In her most recent book, Seven Steps To Joy, Antonella Lo Re shares her personal journey to spiritual awakening, and gives her readers a step-by-step process that anyone can follow to find peace and joy in their own life.

Seven Steps To Joy

The pages of Seven Steps To Joy overflow with the strength, vulnerability and wisdom of a woman who began a journey with the love of her life, only to lose him. Through this dark and grief-filled period of her life, she had an awakening experience and found the path to continue with a heart full of joy, love and serenity.

Lo Re’s life story brings hope to the hopeless and encouragement to those who are in despair. Readers will be uplifted by her optimism and witty enthusiasm, as she shares what she has learned through her own journey: how to experience the inner peace and joy she once thought were impossible to reach.

 “When I was first introduced to Antonella, I knew she had a unique perspective on life, despite – or perhaps because of – all the pain she had been through,” said Frank Felker of Powerhouse Publishing. “I wanted to bring her story to the world and so signed her immediately.”

Reader C.A. Scibelli-May puts her reaction to Seven Steps To Joy this way, “Antonella Lo Re’s new book brings hope, light and respect to the reader, by offering a deeper approach to living fully in the now and a thoughtful method to tap into the personal power we all possess to experience this seemingly elusive concept called JOY.”

Another reader, Malaika Eastman, stated, “I whole-heartedly believe that Seven Steps To Joy is an invaluable gift to humanity that will indeed change many lives, undoubtedly liberate many hearts, and greatly contribute to raising the collective consciousness for a long time to come.”

In this inspirational, yet practical, self-improvement guide, readers will discover:

  • how to reach joy and inner peace in 7 steps
  • how to follow their own path of awareness
  • what is missing from the current path they are following
  • how to be joyful throughout the struggles life puts in their path

With the current level of interest around the topics of mindset psychology and the Law of Attraction, the story Seven Steps To Joy tells is a must-read for women.

Asked about her inspiration, Lo Re stated, “What really brought me to write this book was the need to put on paper what I had personally achieved after years of searching. I began realizing how easy it is for human beings to wish away our lives without savoring the present moment. So many of us are spending precious time complaining about the long-deferred joy we hope to attain, all the while overlooking the beauty and peace we could find in each day we live.

In response to the news that her book had become an international bestseller, Lo Re stated, “I am so pleased that I have this chance to share my story with women around the world. I believe anyone can find a path to joy and peace. Sometimes you just need someone who’s been there to show you the way.”


Antonella Lo Re is a multilingual international traveler who is now enjoying the roles of “writer, self-improver, and mother.” Born in the beautiful Tuscany region of central Italy, she lived in several European countries before landing in the U.S., where she resided for more than two decades. Today she divides her time between homes in Switzerland and Washington, DC.  

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Seven Steps To Joy A Life Changing Path is available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon:

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