Zhanna Shpits Of Kidz Universe Awarded 2017 Best Business In The City In Music Instruction Second Year In A Row

Published on October 30, 2017

Kidz Universe combines music with movement so children can grow and learn with music. CEO Zhanna Shpits has been awarded Best Business in the City in music instruction for the second year in a row.

CEO and founder of Kidz Universe Zhanna Shpits has received the 2017 Best Business in the City Award in music instruction for early childhood in the education category. Located in Milpitas, California, Kidz Universe is a place where children can grow and learn with music.

Understanding the importance of music in child development, Kidz Universe combines the power of music with movement. Shpits generates a family-oriented and fun environment ideal for early learning and development for children 6 months to 6 years.

Through age-appropriate music lessons, children get in touch with their innate talents to make beautiful music. Students explore dozens of instruments to both help them experiment with different sounds and discover the ones that speak to them.

Fostering the spirit of discovery and sharing, Shpits makes learning fun and the skills children learn at Kidz Universe stay with them for life.

The benefits of music on child development is coming more into the mainstream. Studies, such as those completed by Stanford University School of Medicine show that music enhances memory, attentiveness, language skills and neuroplasticity, the ease with which the brain can adapt.

In addition, a recent Gallup Poll reported that “78% of Americans feel that learning musical instrument helps students perform better in other subjects” and a Harris Poll demonstrated that music programs can increase school attendance by almost 20% and reduce drop-out rates by nearly 10%.

Shpits is committed to inspiring kids of all ages (0-120) to have big dreams and go for them. She encourages them to “never settle for less than amazing” and helps them break through perceived limitations to achieve their goals.

Kiz Universe has received numerous positive reviews and parents call Shpits’ classes “a perfect example of learning through fun”.

They express their awe at how Shpits develops their children’s love for music, through engaging and unique songs that she writes herself. They appreciate how she helps children develop strong social connections. Many parents find that their children relate better to others because of her work.

One interviewed parent said, “Zhanna is one of those rare teachers who absolutely loves what she does. When I first learned about the impact of music on child development, I reached out to Zhanna for more. She took our understanding to next level. She helped us with dozens of tips. She brought a ton of experience and knowledge to our lives. It helped our child tremendously.”

Apart from empowering little ones through music and movement, Shpits also performs original custom songs created to portray leaders such as Bill Baren, Alina Vincent, WPN and others. Regardless, her goal is to shine the light and ignite the creative spark in every individual.

Kidz Universe isn’t Shpits’ first inspirational venture. She has a history of helping others discover themselves, knock down walls, set goals and achieve them.

Shpits encourages listeners daily to pursue their dreams with her radio show on KLIV 1590 AM, entitled, “Dream Big with Zhanna”. There, Shpits inspires her fans “to re-Ignite, re-Fire and re-Fuel” their lives. Almost overnight, it’s become one of the top 10 radio shows in the Bay Area.

Just this spring, Shpits launched her “Zhannacast” podcast by the same name and now she’s reaching thousands in their homes, offices and cars with her message of empowerment.

An inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator, Shpits also recently piloted the group online program “Uncover Your Story”. working with creatives, speakers, business owners and experts who speak from live and virtual stages. She helps them discover, own and share their story in a way that creates immediate emotional connection with their audience.

To learn more about Zhanna Shpits and Kidz Universe, go to https://www.hbacademytoday.com/kidz/ 

Company Name: Kidz Universe
Contact Person: Zhanna Shpits, CEO and Founder
Email: info@zhannashpits.com
Phone: 408-887-7284
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