As Legal Market Worsens, Practice Alchemy Makes Small Firm Marketing Easy

As Legal Market Worsens, Practice Alchemy Makes Small Firm Marketing Easy

San Francisco, CA – March 17, 2014 With small firms struggling to compete for business, Practice Alchemy publicly unveiled its concierge legal marketing service tailored specifically for solo practitioners and small firm lawyers.

“The competitive landscape has become extremely difficult for small law practices,” said attorney and founder Raj Jha. “Ten years ago you could build a practice by focusing on good work and letting word of mouth do the job, but today that’s just not the case. Attorneys have their plates full managing client work and staying experts in the law – and legal marketing is changing faster than they can keep up. Many are falling behind, and competition is taking their business.”

The trends appear to back Jha’s statements. The market for low-cost online legal resources like RocketLawyer and LegalZoom has exploded, displacing business that used to go to local attorneys. It’s also put price pressure on lawyers who don’t have marketing that positions them as premium providers.

Practice Alchemy launched privately in 2013, but their growing customer base is proof that the dizzying array of marketing options have confused small firm practitioners. Lawyers now need to consider SEO, pay-per-click, direct mail, AVVO, Yelp, social networking, webinars, and dozens of other media. Many don’t know where to turn, don’t have the time to manage it, and spend time and money on ineffective marketing.

Jha also highlighted that lawyers aren’t like most other business owners. “We’re taught to follow precedent. You’re told that you go to law school, cut your teeth working for someone else, do good work, and the business will just be there. That simply isn’t the case any more. Spending time and money on marketing that stopped working a decade ago won’t get you anywhere. The fastest way out of the trap is to have experts help you navigate today’s marketing, so you can concentrate on running your business.”

Robert Kiyosaki, award-winning author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, describes the issue these small business owners face similarly. “If you’re still doing what mommy and daddy said for you to do (go to school, get a job, and save money), you’re losing.” Adding, “If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.”

When launching their program Practice Alchemy aimed to create a concierge experience specifically for the legal market. Instead of being just another marketing company that works with a dry cleaner one day and a law practice the next, they focused their service to address the unique challenges attorneys face. This includes ensuring that marketing campaigns can comply with complex attorney advertising requirements, something one-size-fits-all marketing services don’t do.

The service, which is offered to select attorneys only after an application process, reduces the workload and stress on already overwhelmed lawyers. A marketing “concierge” is assigned to every customer, and each attorney’s marketing materials are customized using Practice Alchemy’s education-based marketing process. Unlike traditional lawyer marketing which focuses on the attorney and their resume, each campaign is designed to be helpful and educational to prospective clients. Relevant plain-English marketing means that prospective clients pay attention to the message, rather than tuning out when they hear aggressive advertising or articles with confusing legal jargon and citations.

Because it was created as a concierge service, the Practice Alchemy team also handles everything that doesn’t need to be done in the attorney’s office. This frees the attorney to spend time on their personal relationships and serving clients face to face, without getting bogged down in the many details required to execute multi-media marketing campaigns. For the few things that can only be done in the attorney’s office, the company offers their “blueprints” of best practices aimed at increasing client engagement rates and referrals.

Elder Law attorney Lori Somekh, one of Practice Alchemy’s first customers, shared her experience. “The team at Practice Alchemy is amazing. They not only truly care about my success, but their program allowed me to launch a sophisticated marketing campaign without confusion or worry about what to do next.”

Asked about other marketing companies that approached her in the past she said she was skeptical at first, then added her endorsement of the new service. “It’s not every day that I get to do business with people like them. If you’re not sure they are the real deal, I can assure you they are.”

With the help of their proprietary technology platform, Jha noted that Practice Alchemy’s solution now serves customers nationwide. While the company is very selective about who they accept as a customer, they are currently accepting new applicants.

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