Psychotherapist Jennifer Sneeden Publishing Book Revealing the Secret to 6-Figure Practice

Psychotherapist Jennifer Sneeden Publishing Book Revealing the Secret to 6-Figure Practice

Boca Raton, FL, USA, March 25, 2014       Jennifer  Sneeden, LMFT, founder of Thriving Therapy Practice, announced the upcoming release of her new book, Building a 6-Figure Private Practice: The Magic Formula for Psychotherapists, which focuses on helping therapists break through the $100,000 barrier and build profitable private practices.

“Therapists just aren’t getting the essential business and marketing skills they need to be successful in private practice,” said author Jennifer Sneeden. “I’ve worked with so many therapists who are excellent clinicians but are struggling to make ends meet because they don’t know how to attract the right clients to their practices. I believe every therapist can be successful with the right skills and tools.”

This is about a new way to conceptualize private-practice marketing. According to, the average salary for a licensed mental health professional is $62,520. Psychotherapists often greatly under-value their services because they don’t know how to market themselves in order to attract the right clients to their practices. By learning fundamental business skills, therapists can easily position themselves to earn well into the six figures.

In the book, Sneeden reveals her four-part formula to success: vision, mindset, skills, and implementation. She also details the biggest obstacles many therapists face, and provides simple methods for attracting new clients.

The practice-building formula covered in the book is not just theory, as Sneeden has been providing this solution to psychotherapists for years.

“I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone wanting to build a private practice. She assisted me in shaping my thinking to make me marketable, avoid burnout, and understand the ins and outs of the business. It was worth it,” states Katie Lemieux, LMFT.

Family therapist Bobby Noderer, explained how she made her dream a reality by following Jennifer’s formula.

“Jennifer gave me the knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence to begin a private practice.  Jennifer shared her expertise on marketing and business in a warm “solution-focused” manner that made me believe “I can do this”.  If it had not been for her the idea of a private practice would still seem like fantasy instead of a reality.

This workshop provides the information we did not get in grad school….this was my first and conceivably one of the best investments in my future career,” said Noderer.

Therapists can purchase the book on beginning in April 2014, and can sign up for pre-release information at