Ash Seddeek Explains How Empowering Leaders Within a Company Increases Profits

Published on June 24, 2016

Ash Seddeek, a leading high tech company sales peak performance expert, explains how empowering leaders within a company and delighting the top 20% of the company’s customers brings in more profits for the likes of Cisco.

Ash Seddeek, who has developed sales programs for the likes of Oracle and Cisco reveals the key ingredients.

Ash states that the IT industry is moving at such a fast pace that high tech companies need to explain the rewards of digitization to their customers and how they can use it to create sustainable competitive advantage. To do so, sales and services leaders need to learn how to craft compelling messages to convince their customers

When asked where to start, Ash says “Through my sales and leadership development career I have found that mindset shifting training and coaching programs achieve much better results than the typical skill-based approaches. This was particularly prominent when I developed programs to help strategic account managers at Oracle and Cisco (the 20% that bring in 80% of the revenue) get even better at what they do.”

Ash says that once companies realize this it opens up much bigger profits to them.

Ash suggests, “A much more strategic customer relationship results from their ability to show up as leaders. Be able to talk with the customer as their peer. Bring insights that are very strategic, that are very relevant, that really push the envelope and help the customers see abundant possibilities for achieving a much higher level of performance. These customer organizations can then achieve a whole lot more in their markets and gain the competitive edge they need. That’s why we start with our clients by working on sellers’ mindsets, then skill- sets and end with a focus on reinforcement through tool sets and coaching support. Based on our research into what makes top 1% sellers so successful, we developed the Top 1% Sellers Blueprint and assessment tools to help companies such as Cisco and Oracle develop their sellers. The Blueprint has 12 key behaviors that make the 99% difference for the top 1% sellers.”

Ash concluded all of this results in having sales and services teams that accomplish a whole lot more for themselves, for their accounts and as a consequence for their families, their communities and for the economies that they work in. 

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