TPD Announces New Partnership With Vancouver Based Company Talent Collective To Help Job Seekers Succeed

Published on June 27, 2016

Job Seekers Need An Edge In Competitive Employment Markets To Catch The Eye Of Hiring Managers And Talent Collective Provides Actionable Solutions

TPD is thrilled to announce its partnership with Vancouver startup, Talent Collective. Female owned and operated, Talent Collective provides training and guidance to job seekers and aims to help them find the workplace that fits them best.

Throughout the last 35 years of matching job seekers to temporary and permanent positions, TPD has strived to put strong candidates forward, and has built relationships with companies who align with its own values and objectives. Through interview coaching and resume building, the Talent Collective’s objectives are a complementary set to TPD’s.

In today’s job market, there is mounting pressure to not only have adequate experience, but to appear as a great “cultural fit” as well. As a result, job seekers, especially those who are less familiar with the recruitment process, can feel frustrated and lost. Founded in 2015, Talent Collective offers personalized career guidance and placement, citing that “searching for your dream job should be as rewarding as finding it”. Helping candidates from the inception of their job hunt to their placement, Talent Collective attempts to eliminate the depersonalized nature of the application process. Through interview preparation, resume building, and mentorship, Talent Collective allows candidates the opportunity to show why they’ll shine.

“Our partnership will allow TPD to offer candidates a further step up through targeted workshops and individual coaching sessions to better prepare any candidate entering the workforce, something that fits well with our mission to help people succeed!” stated Paul Tournier, President of TPD.

For job seekers looking to take advantage of this pilot program please contact  To learn more please visit 

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