Author and Artist Linda A Bell Speaks On REAL Words At Defining Women’s Luncheon

Published on May 6, 2015

May 5, 2015 at a luncheon for Defining Women, Linda A. Bell announced her book, “REAL Words for Songwriters: Alphabetical Word List and Abbreviated Rhyming Dictionary” is now available on

Author and Artist, Linda A. Bell spoke on the importance of using REAL Words for Songwriters at the Defining Women’s Luncheon. The book was designed specifically to help songwriters; however, writers of every genre are finding the book is a must have reference tool.

When asked why she believes REAL Words for Songwriters is unique, Bell States, “From time to time writers get stuck and need some words. Not hoity-toity words, but REAL words that people actually use in real-life conversations. Frustrated with not being able to find the type of reference book I was searching for, I started jotting down my own list of words. That labor of love, born of necessity, grew into REAL Words.”

REAL Words for Songwriters helps writers save time, increase production and slash through writer’s block. At the same time, the conversational word lists consist of everyday language that makes sense in the real world. Consequently, the quality of writing, communication and end user understanding is improved.

The book is comprised of three parts, including an Alphabetical Word List, Abbreviated Rhyming Dictionary and Alternate Pronunciations. In total, Bell shares 15,000 words in her book. Words she personally used as a lyricist to sell 2,013 sets of lyrics to advertisers nationally.

Bell’s REAL Words is not just theory, as writers and other artist have been buying and benefiting from “REAL Words for Songwriters” since it was published, October 16, 2014. In fact, a recent five star review by a musician and songwriter states, “we religiously use this book for so many of our projects. It is so much more useful to us than the traditional thesaurus or rhyming lists we’ve used in the past because this book provides words you might really use in real songs, poetry or conversation, and includes similar sounding words that aren’t perfect rhymes but work PERFECTLY for our music!”

At the close of the Designing Women’s Luncheon, Bell was recognized as the consultant who specializes in helping clients find creative ways to market their products and services.

Bell’s book, “REAL Words for Songwriters: Alphabetical Word List and Abbreviated Rhyming Dictionary” is available for sale at, here

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