Wellness Expert Stacia Kelly Announces Upcoming Publication Of Her Fifth Book: Slim, Fit, Happy You

Published on May 7, 2015

Dr. Stacia D. Kelly, PhD focuses on amazing four-step process to optimal health, energy, vitality and happiness in new book to be published by CatKlaw, Inc. July 1, 2015.

At every workshop or seminar she presents, Dr. Stacia Kelly encourages her audience to focus on just four elements in order to achieve health, fitness and happiness: Physical Activity, Nutrition, Supplementation and Stress Management. This simple message has resonated so well with so many diverse groups that she has decided to expand upon it in her upcoming book: Slim, Fit, Happy You.

This important new publication, her fifth book and fourth wellness title, encapsulates exactly what adults are looking for today – a straightforward solution to the perennial problems of weight gain and fatigue.

Most people believe that these problems can be solved by simply focusing on diet and exercise. But Dr. Stacia’s book shows that two additional factors – professional supplementation and a proactive approach to stress management – are equally important and perhaps even more impactful upon a successful turnaround plan.

“As a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I know the tremendous impact that a focused regimen of stress management can have on our overall health and well-being,” says Dr. Kelly. “Even more important though is the role of pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements in providing immediate results for people suffering from obesity and the myriad negative effects that radiate out from it.”

One of the most surprising secrets Dr. Stacia shares in her new book is a little-known manufacturer of nutritional supplements whose products are so profoundly superior to anything found in drug stores or health food outlets that they are cataloged in The Physicians’ Desk Reference, the bible of medicine used by tens of thousands of medical professionals around the world.

“What Dr. Stacia taught me was that the way to get the best results in any weight loss program was to begin with the nutritional supplements she recommends,” relates Ms. Sandra Scott, one of Kelly’s clients. “Within just a few days I was feeling better and more energetic, which makes an increased level of physical activity a lot easier to engage in. Then, as you begin to moderate your caloric intake and actively manage the stressors in your life, everything begins to work together synergistically and, before you know it, you’re slim, fit and healthy.”

Slim, Fit, Happy You will initially be available exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle electronic book platform beginning July 1, 2015.

About Stacia Kelly
Dr. Stacia D. Kelly, PhD, Mht is a Holistic Health Coach, Author and Business Mentor who loves helping others find their passion and live it. After years of working in the Corporate IT world, she found her true mission in helping others reach their health goals and helping them really enjoy living their lives. She has authored three non-fiction books on health and wellness and a novel titled Phyxe – Goddess of Fire, all available on Amazon.com.

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