Author and Authority Marketing Expert Hugo Garcia Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Local Business Domination”

Author and Authority Marketing Expert Hugo Garcia Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Local Business Domination”

“Local Business Domination” by Hugo Garcia, reached’s Best Seller List in the Business Mentoring & Coaching Category, 90-Minute Business & Money Short Reads Category, and the Business Technology Innovation Category on December 19, 2016.

Author and Authority Marketing Expert Hugo Garcia’s recent release, Local Business Domination: How To Become The Local Authority In Your Field So That You Can Dominate Your Marketplace And Obliterate Your Competition hit’s Best Seller List on December 19, 2016, climbing all the way to Number Three in the Business Mentoring & Coaching Category, Number Four in the 90-Minute Business & Money Short Reads Category, and Number Four in the Business Technology Innovation Category.

Garcia’s latest release helps the reader discover what it means to be a Local Authority Figure and why it’s imperative to become one. Geared at business professionals, Garcia guides his readers through his proprietary marketing system and shows the reader how the lucky few harness simplicity and dominate their local market without having to endure the endless hustle and struggle that most entrepreneurial professionals find themselves fighting through on a daily basis.

In response to the book hitting three best seller lists, Garcia stated, “I was happy and surprised when I saw my book next to great minds and innovators like Elon Musk, who are working just like I am to make this world a better place in the midst of all the chaos that we currently endure in this modern society.”

Garcia’s book is quick read that is based around the ideology that marketing doesn’t have to be a burden and he lays his foundation on the “anti-hustle” and smart marketing. His book is geared at business professionals who don’t have the time to spend reading for countless hours and for those who actually want to find solutions to make their lives easier and more abundant. It is clear throughout his book that Garcia is an advocate of work smarter, not harder. Garcia’s inspiration to write his latest book was to invite business professionals to open their minds’ to a simpler way of marketing so that their and their loved ones lives can improve without adding more stress or working more hours in this already hectic and jam-packed world.

With the recent popularity around Making Business Simpler in the media, Local Business Domination’s subject matter is a hot topic and a must read for Business Professionals who are looking to improve their marketing in a way that actually makes their lives simpler and happier.


Hugo Garcia is the founder of Revamp Media Agency. He is an author and an Authority Marketing Expert. Garcia is known for his relentless passion for always seeking cutting edge information and knowledge to improve every area of his life so that he can help others do the same.

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