Lisa Grunden, Life Coach And Business Founder, Hits Number 1 Bestseller Status On Amazon

Published on December 21, 2016

“You’re Already Sexy—Get Your Sassy Back,” riddled with true encounters, client stories, and Lisa Grunden’s trademark radical honesty, was released just this week and has seen a meteoric rise on Amazon, hitting the Amazon Best Seller List in 3 separate categories; ranking #1 under the Self-Help section. Not surprisingly, the latest book release by Lisa also landed in Amazon's Hot New Releases section as well.

Imaging a person quitting an unsatisfying corporate career, finding a thriving consultancy, filling an entire passport with international stamps, and hurling themself gladly from the 108th floor of a building in Vegas? According to bestselling author Lisa Grunden, it all comes down to pushing through fear to achieve success. Her lively personal development book, You’re Already Sexy, Get Your Sassy Back! has just topped Amazon’s bestsellers lists and dishes up a mega dose of practical positivity.

Lisa’s own journey of self-discovery and learning was ten years in the making and included both stomach churning lows and exhilarating highs. Riddled with personal and client stories, Lisa distils hard-won insights on fearlessness, failure, hitting rock bottom, body image, finding her tribe, winning over naysayers, and unleashing her sass. 

“This book was years in the making and I’m really proud that it’s been so well received”, Lisa commented. “I had a lot of support from my friends and family and I couldn’t have done it without them”, she added.

Today Lisa is living out her dreams, personally coaching clients on five different continents through her business, aptly named, “Your Limitless Potential.” Lisa serves as a coach on the shoulder of her clients, helping them to write a playful bucket list, dream over the top dreams, evolve beyond flight, fright and freeze, and make the leap into life!

Lisa Grunden’s #1 bestselling book, You’re Already Sexy, Get Your Sassy Back! is available in both Kindle and print versions on

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