Author and Noted Speaker C-A Washington Offers Free Consultation with Purchase of Her Highly Anticipated Book The Art of A.R.C.

Published on December 19, 2018

C-A Washington, noted speaker and author of The Art of A.R.C. - Appearance, Relationships & Credibility, is generously offering a free consultation with the purchase of a copy of her book for a limited time.

As a business growth consultant and expert in branding, workplace etiquette and client experience, Washington has spent many years working with individuals and businesses who want to succeed.  Now, she has condensed those years of experience into a single book that promises to be a valuable resource for those who want to better understand their own personal brand, seek new opportunities and become influential leaders.  The Art of A.R.C. – Appearance, Relationships, and Credibility: Your Guide to Mastering the 3 Major Silent Career Killers will be invaluable in helping to equip readers with the strategies needed to thrive in today’s economy.

According to the Barry Spilchuk, “Whether it’s to attract your dream mate, dream job, or dream client, face it – appearances are important. Create that initial ‘wow’ now that will have people noticing you and, more importantly, learn to strengthen the relationship once you have their attention. The Art of A.R.C. will give you a head start so you can live the life you have imagined!”

For a limited time, visitors to Washington’s website at who pre-order The Art of A.R.C. will receive a free consultation and a one-page quick sheet with things to consider about your image.  See the website for more details.

About C-A Washington:  C-A Washington is an author, business consultant and expert in the art of personal branding.  Her message of empowerment resonates with many professionals, allowing them to reach previously unheard-of success.  Her latest book, The Art of A.R.C., is designed to help clients reach their full potential. 

Company Name: Image & Etiquette Institute
Contact Person: C-A Washington
Phone: +1 (866) 805-0779
Country: United States