Veteran and Construction Tech Whiz Scott Arias Signs Deal to Contribute to Fields to Boardrooms

Published on December 19, 2018

Scott Arias, Navy veteran and President of ACE Consulting, has signed a book deal with T&S Publishing, LP

Former Navy Builder Senior Chief and now experienced construction executive Dr. Scott Arias has signed a book deal with T & S Publishing, LP and will be featured in the upcoming book Fields to Boardrooms: Conversations with Veterans Business Leaders, which is scheduled for release in Spring of 2019.

Dr. Arias is a C-Level executive with over 24 years of management experience, encompassing 22 years of operations management, 4 years of facility management, 3 years of sales / sales management, 12 years of quality control / quality assurance management and 10 years of safety management experience. His leadership abilities are proven by a successful record within diverse sectors of complex government, commercial, industrial, residential and retail construction operations. In addition, he is a master methodical thinker, creative problem solver, and a strong decision-maker. Dr. Arias has a reputation as a winner that persists through the most difficult challenges. His past clients attest to his honor, courage and commitment. Dr. Arias has a PhD, M.S., B.S, A.S. in Construction Management.

Dr. Arias has 8 professional certifications and he is owner of ACE Consulting in Nicholasville, Kentucky. ACE Consulting “is a Christian, Service Disabled Veteran Owned (SDOVOB) company, specializing in Division 1 Services. ACE’s Leadership has a broad base of experience in construction consulting services, across numerous commercial and governmental agencies, from Department of State to the Navy Facilities Command, Amazon, VW and the Army Corps of Engineers. Quality Control, Safety, Cost Control, Litigation Advising, Preconstruction Plans and Schedule Development are our key competencies. Our clientele ranges from companies in the ENR Top 100, to small 8A, SDOVOB and WOSB.

Most military veterans who leap into the world of business ownership, begin the journey with excitement and energy. Many of those same veterans soon find themselves overwhelmed. Fields to Boardrooms features conversations with your peers… veterans of the United States Military who have chosen the path of business ownership. Fields to Boardrooms is focused on bringing more guidance & clarity to veterans prospecting business ownership and to encourage veterans to reach for the stars. To help identify services available and how to utilize them.

Fields to Boardrooms offers insiders secrets to a successful VOB: From certificate, funding, grants, awareness, and marketing. Dr. Scott Arias joins lead author Lena Geronimo as one of several veterans who successfully made the transition from military service to business success.

Dr. Scott Arias will discuss how building and nurturing relationships with fellow veteran organizations can help you succeed.

When asked why he was honored to be part of Fields to Boardrooms, Arias said: “Service does not stop after you have served.”

Fields to Boardrooms is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2019.

100% of the retail royalties will be donated to a non-profit organization. The contributors will also donate copies of the book to a veteran-focused non-profit.

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