Author David Chua Launches Go Digital and Tops Amazon Best Sellers List

Published on November 29, 2016

David Ky Chua, has topped Amazons bestseller charts in multiple Business and Money categories with his new book, Go Digital! How You Can Build a Profitable Online Business Empire, Selling Almost Anything You Love, Loving What You Do.

David Ky Chua, A.K.A. Obama, is recognized around the world as a marketing and branding expert whose advice has helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach their full potential in launching and growing businesses. Now, this bestselling author has launched the latest in his series of books on online marketing.  Go Digital! How You Can Build a Profitable Online Business Empire, Selling Almost Anything You Love, Loving What You Do  is a candid look at what it takes for a business to succeed in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive Internet market.

Go Digital! takes beginners who want to get started promoting their companies on the Internet through the most fundamental of marketing techniques.  The book has been designed to offer creative pathways to success based on real-life examples of business owners who have used the Internet to create and promote viable, profitable companies.  Both first-time entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans will benefit from the straightforward explanations of how to leverage the power of the web.

Go Digital!  offers several important steps to success in Internet marketing, including the five top key areas in which business owners successfully use the Internet to turn a profit; the secret ways experts use the Internet to generate passive income; how to sell expertise and messages, becoming an instant Internet celebrity; and how to let go of fear, doubt and inaction by familiarization with industry-specific terms, set out in everyday English.

Go Digital! offers readers five top areas in which business owners successful use the Internet to turn a profit.  The book discloses the secrets that anyone can use to harness the power of passive income available to all who know the pathways to Internet success.  The book exposes and breaks down millions of individual strategies and converts then into easy steps that will be accessible to anyone who wants to make money doing business on the web.  Involving more than 300 hours of online research, 200 case studies and hundreds of hours of writing and editing, the book is easy to use for those who want to learn the “tricks of the trade.”

In speaking of his work in preparing Go Digital!, David Ky Chua notes,”Go Digital! is a book that has the power to change people’s lives in powerful and positive ways both financially and emotionally. The wisdom I have seen enacted with my clients is now available within the pages of this book. So many of us are stuck in the constant 9-5 grind of life and we get lost living life itself.” 

David Ky Chua is generously offering a FREE copy of Go Digital! ($44 Value) for a limited time at

About David Ky Chua:  David Ky Chua is a notable entrepreneur and business owner who has helped many business and international experts take their company and branding online by positioning themselves as the only logical choice in their industry. He is the author of Raving Fan Customers, How To Sell To Anyone and has also has been featured in the Star, Sarawak Tribune Newspaper, the Money Channel Thailand, Khmer Live and on Capital TV.

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