Ferne Kornfeld, President of First Financial Tax Group Reveals Little-Known Conservative Retirement Strategies On Business Innovators Radio

Published on November 29, 2016

President and Co-Founder of First Financial Tax Group, Ferne Kornfeld, was the featured guest on Business Innovators Radio with host Mark Imperial talking about little-known conservative retirement strategies

On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Mark Imperial, Ferne Kornfeld, President and Co-Founder of First Financial Tax Group, discussed little-known conservative retirement strategies.

According to Kornfeld, many folks are very scattered in their retirement planning, when a coordinated approach would ensure greater success.

Kornfeld, said “For example, many people wouldn’t think to discuss their legal documents, or lack thereof, with their financial advisor, but really, your legal status has a lot to do with your finances. And while we aren’t attorneys ourselves, we are the ones who often see the negative impact of people not having the proper legal documents as they relate to one’s finances and healthcare”.

When host Mark Imperial asked how to provide both safety AND yield in today’s environment Kornfeld answered, “So many of the folks we see these days have been “reaching for yield”, which really is just a fancy term meaning that they are “buying all things that pay an income”. And in doing so, many feel that they have taken on too much risk to get that yield. They know it, and are uncomfortable with it, but feel they have little or no alternative. But that isn’t true. There are alternatives. They just aren’t exposed to them by traditional Wall Street because traditional Wall Street is all about the risk markets, and about putting one’s capital at risk all the time”.

During the interview, Kornfeld shared an example of a product that is simpler, safer, and also more secured than what most are doing with their portfolios right now, explaining, “Let’s take just one example of what I’m talking about. First Position Commercial Mortgage Notes, or FPCMs. These notes pay a fixed yield of 6% and the term is just one year. What’s the bank paying these days, Mark? 1% maybe? Anyway, interest is paid out monthly from these FPCMs, so these are “fixed income” vehicles as well, because the yield is fixed for the 1-year term”.

Ferne Kornfeld is the President and Co-Founder of First Financial Tax Group, a board member for the Women’s Executive Club of south Palm Beach County, and is known for teaching conservative retirement income planning classes at a local university.

The interview concluded with Kornfeld saying “(In our University classes) We focus on the pitfalls others have encountered when planning for retirement and how to avoid making those same mistakes, as well as the variety of opportunities there are out there to take advantage of. We try to alleviate the fear of retirement planning by providing impartial information based on research rather than opinion. The feedback we’ve gotten from our students over the years has been tremendous. They feel more empowered to make ‘confident’ decisions regarding their own retirement, as well as feeling a sense of relief that they’ve taken the first step in tackling the issue of preparing their own retirement plan”.

To listen to the full interview on Business Innovators Radio, visit http://businessinnovatorsradio.com/ferne-kornfeld-president-of-first-financial-tax-group/.

Listeners were invited to download a complimentary First Position Commercial Mortgage information kit on the web at www.fftaxgroup.us or by calling their office at 561-367-3618.  

To learn more about First Financial Tax Group’s conservative retirement strategies and safe money alternatives, please visit www.fftaxgroup.us.

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