Authority Branding Agency’s Zaza Giroday Starts Feminine Influencers Movement To Spread Empowering Success Stories with Free Media Exposure

Published on July 28, 2016

Exposure Branding Strategist Zaza Giroday initiates the movement Feminine Influencers offering free media exposure to help spread inspiring success stories of female entrepreneurs to empower women all over the world to stand up.

Founder and President of Authority Branding Agency, Zaza Giroday recently launched a new global women-for-women movement “Feminine Influencers” offering free media exposure to encourage the spreading of inspiring stories of successful female entrepreneurs. Heart-centered feminine leaders are offered to act as empowering role-models to those that most need it.

“Legacies of generations of women before us often come with limiting beliefs about our self-value and our abilities to succeed and thrive in our lives. By transmitting the idea that success is possible and holding your space, you show others what’s possible and in turn allow other women to ride with your confidence and grow. This is a never-ending positive circle and will create a ripple effect beyond our imagination,” Giroday points out.

Female entrepreneurship is thriving globally. According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, majority or fully-owned women businesses accounted for two in five of all companies in the US alone in 2006.

But for many women, unsupportive local eco-systems such as a lack of role models and feminine coaching still makes it difficult to project themselves as entrepreneurs, let alone leaders, in their industry.

In its 2015 special women entrepreneurship report, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) clearly states that economies with many women who know entrepreneurs are also likely to have high female startup rates.

Feminine entrepreneurship mindset issues are being talked about more and more in business circles and are gaining mainstream appeal. Recent stories in respected magazines such as Forbes and Entrepreneurs stated lack of confidence and fear of failure often held women back from being entrepreneurs.

As Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg also quoted, being a confident woman and believing in one’s own self-worth is necessary to achieving one’s potential.

Because Giroday wants to promote inspiring stories and successes of women entrepreneurs globally, an application is open for female candidates who wish to share their message and story. As a nurturing community, Feminine Influencers gathers its members in a closed Facebook group so that they can connect and support each other.

“There’s a common stereotype that women don’t support other women, but it’s just not true. In reality, women do help each other, and we go further faster when we do. A huge number of women are already doing this, and all women can and should,” Rachel Thomas, Founder, and President of LeanIn.Org, the nonprofit organization cofounded with Sandberg to empower all women to achieve their ambitions.

“While growing up I had few to no role models. I have been inspired by several great women and these golden pebbles on my path have been crucial in showing me the way. Feminine Influencers is my legacy. It is much bigger than me or you. It’s about transforming the generations to come,” Giroday added.

Giroday is an educator and advocate for women entrepreneurs, building their brand equity and positioning them as leaders in their industry with media exposure and authority branding strategies. By boosting their visibility and recognition, she stops female business owners from being best-kept secrets and helps them hold their space using the power of positioning and influence marketing.

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