Authority Marketing Leader Tami Patzer to Speak at MBA Branding Forum at World of Coca-Cola

Published on February 26, 2018

Blue Ocean Authority creator of the Daily Success Media Network and Beyond the Best Seller™ Marketing System for Authors is sharing her story the MBA Thought Leaders Forum on Branding at the World of Coca-Cola in March.

International Best-selling author, publisher and speaker Tamara “Tami” Patzer will speak at the MBA Thought Leaders Forum on Branding at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta in March. Thought Leaders from around the world including CEOs, professionals, and entrepreneurs will share their brand stories at the event. Patzer recently spoke at NASDAQ, and was a featured speaker at the Business Expert Forum at Harvard Faculty Club. 

Patzer recently released a new inspirational book called “Self Made Women: The Feminine Journey to Success,” which is a No. 1 bestselling book in the women’s studies on Amazon. It features interviews conducted by Patzer with seven different authors who each give a unique take on life, their work, and other inspirational stories.

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Tami Patzer is a Public Relations and Media Relations expert who helps business owners achieve exponential growth and achieve success through publishing books. These are published using her unique Blue Ocean Authority author publishing system and marketed with Patzer’s Beyond the BestSeller™ program.

She is known for helping to take author beyond the bestseller with high-quality PR, marketing and media relations. With this service, Tami does all the content creation, editing, and publishing in both physical and digital formats, and helps to ensure the book becomes a bestseller.

The seven authors included the new “Self Made Women” book are Kate Theriot, Martha Melendez, Shari Pheasant, Dora Vilk Shapiro, Angie LeBlanc, Mala Rama, and Bonnie Fatio.

The topics they cover include “Stop Compromising and Live a Full Life;” “Vizualization and Journaling Changes Your Life;” “Horse-Powered Strategies for Employee Happiness;” and “Having a Plan B for Curveballs.”

Other topics include “Believe there are Endless Possibilities;” “Reversing Disease and Staying Positive with iSuccess;” and “Helping Inspired Women Lead.”

The foreword to the book, written by Bonnie Fatio, explains how each author is a courageous and bold innovator in her own right, and each is a self-made woman acting on her dreams.

Each interview is designed to be inspirational for anyone who reads the book, and helps to lead them to new ways of thinking. Readers will discover stories of women who have found the courage to stand up and strike out as entrepreneurs in their field.

For more information, contact Patzer at 941-421-6563.

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