Business Radio Host Interviews Experts On Tax and Growth Strategies on Business Authority Radio

Published on February 26, 2018

Business Radio show host Neil Howe interviews expert guests on Business Authority Radio. This week he covers tax and business growth strategies.

Business radio host Neil Howe talked with expert guests on the Business Authority Radio show this week surrounding the many tax problems entrepreneurs and business owners have this time of year when taxes become an issue that is front and center. 

Many businesses fall foul of the IRS for many reasons and the experts in recent shows have given great advice on how to work through these sometimes scary issues to get them resolved in a way that is beneficial to the business owner.

“I had some great interviews this week from tax attorneys all over the country,” said Howe.

Selwyn Whitehead, a tax attorney from San Franscisc0 Bay area talked about bankruptcy and the different options business owners have to reorganize debt or to liquidate. “Selwyn is really looking to help her clients get the best outcome while trying to maintain their assets, Howe recalled. 

Janathan Allen a tax attorney from San Diego also had an interview this week. Jan tackles tax problems with a holistic approach. She acknowledges that the are not only tax problems, but accounting problems and legal issues to address. Howe commented, “The thing I love about Jan Allen is she recognizes the underlying problems, which may not be tax issues, and she finds ways to address them, not just fix the surface problem.” 

Next on the mic was Bryce Johnson, a tax attorney in Dallas, TX. Bryce focuses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners who may not have outside tax help. Howe relays, “Bryce puts a lot of emphasis on listening to his client’s problems and treating them individually. There is not a one size fits all solution to tax problems and having the right strategy to increase after tax cash flow was Bryce’s specialty.” 

The final tax attorney of the week was Stephen Weisberg from Southfield, MI. Stephen specializes in helping people resolve delinquent tax debts and although there are other areas of tax he could cover, he concentrates only on this. “Stephen is a master at what he does because that is ALL he does, “sais Howe. “When you have that kind of focus in your business and become a specialist it attracts the right clientele because they know there isn’t anyone better to handle their tax problems.”

Business Authority Radio is a popular show on the Business Innovators Radio Network where influencers and innovators are interviewed from all areas of business. Howe has done well over 100 interviews with authorities from all across the country and world.

“I had a great interview with Badass Aussie Entrepreneur, Pete Williams on how to double profits with 7 easy wins,” said Howe. “The compound effect of increasing by just 10% in these critical areas can double your business profits. I thought it was remarkably simple and doable for every business owner to make an immediate difference to the bottom line.” 

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