Authors Eric Haaranen And Charlie Lyons Awarded Esteemed Position of #1 Best Seller in All Public Relations Categories on Amazon

Published on November 22, 2014

Authors Eric Haaranen and Charlie Lyons were awarded #1 Best Seller on Amazon with their book, Make Selling Easier, which covers five actions readers can take to improve their sales.

Authors of the book, Make Selling Easier, Eric Haaranen and Charlie Lyons, recently hit the #1 Best Sellers position across all Public Relations categories on The authors say that the book is less about selling per se and more about leveraging the power of expert positioning to make selling easier.

“We believe that the single biggest mistake that the majority or professional service providers make is failing to position themselves as powerfully as possible,” declares Charlie Lyons. “As a result, they end up spending more time chasing prospects, negotiating on price, convincing potential clients why they should choose them, and even worse, they’re not seeing as high an ROI from their marketing efforts as they could.”

The book essentially covers five different actions that any professional in business could implement to attract new clients. It begins with walking the reader through the process of getting major media exposure and the importance of doing so. It then details four powerful actions that can be executed to attract new clients and referrals once that professional has the media exposure.

“What we’re presenting in this book is applicable to so many types of entrepreneurs and professionals” states Eric Haaranen. “Anyone that provides a product or service of significant value and depends a great deal on clients trusting them can benefit from the expert positioning strategies we’ve presented in our book.”

It is important to note that one of the actions that the authors suggest is for professionals to publish a book in their area of expertise and then make sure they have enough books sales to achieve the coveted position of best seller. “The top professionals in business today have either already written a book or know they need to for expert positioning,” suggests Lyons. “Being an author, and even more so, a best-selling author elevates a professional’s status tremendously. By going through this process ourselves we wanted to display that it is not only possible but that we also put into practice the same principles that we recommend to our clients. Anybody that’s serious about their business can do this.”

Make Selling Easier is currently available in the Kindle store on The authors encourage readers to keep an eye out for the hard copy which will be available soon.

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