Brenda Thompson, Asheville, NC Realtor, Explains How to Use Creative Marketing to Sell Unique Properties

Published on November 23, 2014

Special Finds Broker – Owner, Brenda Thompson, was featured in the November issue of Business Innovators Magazine where she explains how she uses creative marketing to sell unique and unusual properties in the North Carolina Mountains.

Asheville, NC – Brenda Thompson, owner of Special Finds, in the western North Carolina Mountains, provided tips on selling unique and unusual properties in her feature interview in Business Innovators Magazine. She has owned the boutique real estate agency, which is focused on unique properties, for the past nineteen years. Thompson is the former director of marketing for the New York Stock Exchange. She has personally always owned unique houses.

Centered in Asheville, North Carolina, her agency markets properties within 2-3 hours of Asheville, yet has buyers from all around the globe. Thompson combined her creative, poetic voice with her marketing background and her love for unusual properties to form her company, Special Finds — properties of unique character for those choosing something out of the ordinary.

Thompson uses uncommon marketing to sell unique properties. She said, “Using poetry, I create a story about each property. I give each property a name. I tell a story from the property’s point of view. I don’t overstate or understate. The facts are in the story, but they are softened. It’s a little complicated, but it comes to me naturally. I describe it in such a way that a buyer can mentally feel what it’s like to live in the house, to be on the property.”

She continued, “In my ads, I use as many of the senses as I can. My goal is to mentally transport buyers to the property from wherever they are, as they read my ad. I want to give a buyer the feeling of what it’s like when you become part of a house – it then becomes your home.”

Special Finds sells many of their own listings because the company is known for its unique property focus. Most buyers come through the website where unique properties from all over western North Carolina are fed into the site, then sorted by style and type. Buyers visiting the site frequently linger for hours searching through the various unique property listings.

Thompson provided a number of specific tips for sellers interested in selling their unusual properties. She suggested that sellers first recognize the value in having something unique to sell – something that no one else has. She recommends not wasting time and money marketing a unique property to non-unique property buyers. The property should be in great condition, and should be ready to show at any moment. She also indicated that the seller should be prepared to move when a buyer appears, because when a unique property buyer comes along, there may be only one … the one who will buy your house.

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