Authors Janepher Otieno and Fiona Okwado Top Amazon Best Seller List With The Tri-Wisdom Effect and Offer Free Copy in Celebration

Published on October 2, 2019

Renowned authors Janepher Otieno and Fiona Okwado are offering a free copy of their Best Selling book, The Tri-Wisdom Effect: Achieve Success and True Happiness While Caring for Others, through their website for a limited time.

This mother and daughter have experienced many setbacks in their lives but have pursued their dreams to the fullest. Their latest book, The Tri-Wisdom Effect: Achieve Success and True Happiness While Caring for Others, documents their struggles and eventual triumphs in dealing with the obstacles facing many caregivers and providers in today’s busy, hectic world. The two women offer sound, practical advice for achieving happiness and success while still managing to give their best and meet the needs of others.


The Tri-Wisdom Effect offers family caregivers help in prioritizing and simplifying their own self-care. This, according to the authors, is how successful people manage to optimize their lives while still offering family and friends their best caregiving efforts. The book addresses the ABCs of self-care for single parents and caregivers, helping them cope with issues common to this population and ultimately support those they love in a more effective way.


In her invitation to family caregivers, Janepher states: “My Fellow single parents and caregivers, we are tasked with the responsibility to chart the course of other human beings. Neither should we take this call lightly nor ignore the heavy toll that the related work of love can have on us. Let’s embrace a journey of self-care, success and significance rather than be stuck in survival mode or struggle.” The key to that? Simplification and optimization, the Tri-Wisdom way.


According to Janepher, “To be able to simplify anything complex while capturing its essence and getting superior results, that is Wisdom.” This mother and daughter team put into daily practice the very advice found in their book. By this, they help themselves and others achieve success and true happiness for a better overall life.


To get a free copy of The Tri-Wisdom Effect, a $32 Value, visit the authors’ website at , and be sure to also check out Fiona’s blog at Fiona believes that no one should ever give up on their special needs relative. She, never gave up on her brother “Hope.”


About Janepher Otieno and Fiona Okwado: As narrated in their book, The Tri-Wisdom Effect, this mother-daughter powerhouse has overcome nearly insurmountable difficulties to emerge better rather than bitter. Their message of hope and love to other single parents and caregivers is a treat you will not want to miss.

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