Lois Sonstegard, PhD, Interviewed on CUTV News Radio on How to Increase Profitability by Increasing Employee Engagement

Published on October 2, 2019

Build2Morrow Founder, Lois Sonstegard, Discusses Ways Organizations Can Engage Employees, Improving Overall Performance for Both.

Gallup research shows that just 30 percent of employees in America are engaged. That figure drops to 10 percent for Millennials.

At the same time, research published in Deloitte University Press by Tom Hodson revealed that employee retention is now the second most important concern of business leaders — behind only the organization’s position as a global leader.

Lois Sonstegard noted on CUTV News Radio that 80 percent of American employees today are faced with stress and feel overwhelmed because of work. Even though people are an organization’s best resource, there remains a disconnect when it comes to employees feeling valued. “It’s possible to bridge that gap,” according to Lois, “But many companies aren’t sure how to do so.”

“If only 30% of employees are engaged, 70% of employees don’t think their leaders can take them into the future. When 80% of employees are overwhelmed, don’t feel their jobs are secure, and are afraid of negative input from their boss, what can you do to develop trust?” Lois suggests, “Use our pragmatic processes that, while building trust, build team performance through follow-up, accountability and measurement.”

Her interview on CUTV News Radio can be heard on Blog Talk Radio here.

About Lois Sonstegard, PhD

Working with business leaders for more than 30 years, Lois has learned that successful leaders are passionate about leaving a meaningful legacy.  Leaders ask her: When do I begin to think about my legacy?  Is there a “best” approach?  Is there a process or steps I should follow?

Lois is dedicated not only to developing leaders but also to helping them build a meaningful legacy. For more information about Leadership Consulting and Executive Coaching, visit https://build2morrow.com/

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