Award-Winning Mentor, International Speaker, and Published Author Sherry Boyer Launches New Program, “Your Amazing Soul”

Published on August 8, 2016

Sherry’s innovative new program teaches entrepreneurs and individuals looking to gain the competitive edge in life, business, and love by removing blockages, aligning them with their unique life mission, and reigniting the fire within to live life to its fullest potential.

Activating her life’s experiences as a CEO and Intuitive, Sherry’s programs and events have reached international acclaim for strategies that create faster-than-usual breakthrough results. With clients including CEOs, visionary entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and thought leaders around the world, Sherry helps program participants release their inner baggage and focus on getting what they want out of life. Hailed as one of the most advanced, comprehensive, and most efficient programs out there, Sherry developed Your Amazing Soul as a quick and efficient tool to help her clients “stop the insanity and start living a life they love.”

When asked why she developed this program, Sherry explained, “People don’t talk about it, but they feel stuck; they don’t know why, but they know they are. Successful people are highly skilled in finding solutions, yet there are those areas in life, business, and love that simply don’t gain traction. My program helps them approach from a different perspective—a different level—that quickly propels them past their obstacles.”

Research shows that some of these blockages or obstacles stem from previous trauma, inherited from ancestors through epigenetics. Overcoming epigenetics is a matter of helping people identify what is holding them back and showing them how to get out of their own way.

“Individuals feel pulled to do something, and the frustration of the old habits returns. This creates tension: they know they need to take action, but the old habits pull them back.”

Sherry helps her diverse clientele conquer bad habits and become “unstuck” by clearing lifelong baggage and blockages; they can then identify how to be aligned with their most important mission and contribution in life. Her premier program, Your Amazing Soul, can help anyone struggling with life’s hurdles to discover their divine wisdom or worth and find their true path in life and work. According to Boyer, anyone can become more purposeful, more driven, and gain the edge they need to make better decisions, live life to its fullest potential, and learn how to be successful on their own terms.

Sherry Boyer is an Award Winning Mentor, International Speaker, Published Author in Asia and 7 Figure Earner, committed to her client’s extraordinary success in all realms: themselves, their relationships and their business. To learn more about Your Amazing Soul, please visit

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