Award Winning Realtor Tracy Henning Shares Three Strategies For Building A Profitable And Scaleable Real Estate Business

Published on March 6, 2019

Over the last decade, the real estate industry has seen a dramatic shift due to the increase in the number of real estate agents and the changes in consumers’ expectations.

Today’s successful realtors are leveraging technology and go online to reach and attract the clients they want to work with. According to statistics, most real estate agents fail within their first two years, with the most common reasons being not having built a strong foundation for referrals and not having a strong lead generation strategy in place.

 “A successful realtor needs to be passionate, have a plan of action and do the right things at the right times,” says Tracy Henning, founder of and award-winning realtor.

So what does it take to build a successful real estate business in 2019?

An effective social media strategy

As soon as it is time to move, the first thing home buyers and sellers do is hop on the web, so having in place an effective social media strategy is key to generate leads. Research shows that 44% of home-buyers go online, rather than traditional real estate offices or referrals from family and friends, to look for their new home.

“I think it isn’t just about having a social media presence. Real estate professionals now must offer useful and relevant information in the social media communities where their potential clients might be,” says Henning.

As with any other marketing strategy, the goals for a real estate social media campaign should be mapped over the company’s overall goals.

Facebook ads

With its three billion users worldwide, Facebook has become more and more of a staple in the real estate industry. Long gone are the days of buyers pouring over a newspaper ad, trying to find their dream home or an agent they want to work with.

Henning says that “With the ability to target your audience by city, age, life events and lots of interest, Facebook ads can help you put yourself in front of the exact people you want to work with. It is the most targeted and economical form of advertising today.”

Care about more than just the bottom line

Volunteering is a great way to connect with the community you are part of while meeting new people who could turn into customers, investors or referrals.

Henning says that “Realtors who engage in giving programs reap a wide variety of benefits leading to improved business performance, stronger relationships with their clients and a way to feel good about contributing to society.”

“Becoming a sponsor at one of these events will not only bring name awareness but social awareness as well. This can go a long way, showing that you care about more than just the bottom line,” Henning concludes.


Tracy Henning is an award-winning realtor on a mission to ignite profit-building strategies for new and emerging real estate agents. She has sold billions of dollars in real estate, received countless awards for her achievements, worked with various charities and sat on the Real Estate Board for ten years. Tracy now hosts a monthly TV Real Estate segment and helps real estate agents skyrocket their careers. Find more at

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