Manohar Lal Tandon, chairman of Tandon Group, talks about India’s economic and technology evolution in new interview with Business Innovators Magazine

Published on March 6, 2019

Business Innovators Magazine recently interviewed M.L. Tandon about helping startup founders succeed in India

SAN JOSE, Calif. – During a recent with interview with Business Innovators Magazine, Tandon Group Chairman Manohar Lal (M.L.) Tandon discussed industry and innovation in India, social and economic transformation and lessons learned throughout his career. To read the full interview, visit

As one of India’s most distinguished business leaders in the electronics manufacturing industry, M.L. Tandon is known for transforming the business community in India and around the world through technological, social and economic advances. During the late 1970s and 1980s, he led disk drive manufacturing operations for Tandon Corporation in India, which became the world’s largest independent producer of disk drives for personal computers and word processors. Throughout M.L. Tandon’s 50-year career, he has contributed significantly to the rise of India’s economy, helped advance the rights and family status of Indian women and improved the lives of individuals worldwide through technological innovation.

Today, M.L. Tandon serves as chairman and promoter of Tandon Group, which incubates promising startup companies and operates successful businesses in India and North America.

“India has a thriving economy and entrepreneurship is coming of age right now. Indian entrepreneurs are passionate about solving big problems and making significant change,” M.L. Tandon said during the interview. “It is an appealing place to launch your startup but you would be wise to consider how much you know about the culture, government and regulations. India is now more welcoming to tech startups than ever before, but you may need to find partners to help you navigate government rules and regulations.

When asked about helping tech startups succeed in India, M.L. Tandon said, “The most important element for a successful business is having both technological and social innovation at the core of the business. However, when you are seeking to make change there will always be obstacles. They may involve recruiting the best talent, finding adequate funding, marketing efficiently or training your workforce. That is true anywhere in the world, not just in India.”

Tandon Group operates companies including manufacturing company Syrma Technology and healthcare revenue cycle software company Infinx Healthcare, invests in breakthrough startups, mentors several entrepreneurs and continues to grow its portfolio. To learn more about M.L. Tandon and Tandon Group, visit

About Tandon Group

Headquartered in Mumbai and Silicon Valley, Tandon Group is a technology catalyst that
operates several successful businesses and incubates next-generation startups
in India. Founded in 1975, Tandon Group had a strong influence over the first
generation IBM PC computers and continues its rich legacy of innovation in
technology today. As a business incubator, we offer in-depth support with
business, marketing, financial and technical advice. From understanding market
sensibilities in India, to establishing worldwide low-cost manufacturing
facilities, our network and expertise is invaluable to any new business. Our
passion is fostering entrepreneurship amongst our employees, and our companies
have demonstrated excellence in the information technology, hardware and
consumer services. We operate companies including Syrma Technology and Infinx
Healthcare, invest in breakthrough startups including Fictiv,
and continue to mentor several entrepreneurs and grow our portfolio. To learn
more about Tandon Group, visit

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