Award-Winning Travel Writer Susanne Pacher Announces Creation of Digital Travel Guides

Published on February 18, 2015

Susanne Pacher, publisher of Travel and Transitions, a popular online portal about unique travel and interesting life journeys, announces the launch of a series of Digital Travel Guides, starting with various regions in Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ont. – This is an exciting and important development in unique travel experiences aimed at “over 40” travelers who want to expand their travel horizons beyond the conventional. The series will be aimed at a mature and active audience with a strong interest in culture, history, architecture, nature and other unique travel experiences.

Work on the travel guides has already begun with destinations in Southern Ontario, and plans for future guides are underway in regions such as Quebec, New York State, Mexico, Spain, Italy and Austria. The digital travel guides will be available through 120 different online retail organizations across the globe, through companies such as Barnes & Noble, iBooks, WHSmith, Kobo, Copia, and all international subsidiaries of In addition, the travel guides will be distributed to one of the world’s leading library databases serving colleges and universities, corporations, government, schools and public libraries across North America. Some of the digital guides will also be accompanied by a companion website that will make this comprehensive destination advice available to an even wider audience. Online publicity and active social media work will accompany these projects.

With almost 5000 various travel destination videos and over 8.3 million views on various video sharing sites, Travel & Transitions has a strong multi-media presence online. Sponsors and travel destinations will have a way to reach Pacher’s powerful and coveted over-40 demographic by being showcased in feature articles inside the digital travel guides and companion websites.

This move further strengthens Susanne Pacher’s position as a leader with “Over 40” travelers and her status as one of Youtube’s top independent travel video producers. Pacher has also shared more than 40,000 travel photos on Flickr and built a loyal and growing following on Facebook. With this multi-media and social media activity, Pacher truly makes travel accessible to audiences around the globe. Her practical advice articles and interviews with travel experts provide destination information and tips on different types of travel or money-saving travel opportunities.

Pacher’s content also focuses on exploring interesting places off the beaten track in popular destinations and on discovering regions that have not been over-exposed to mass tourism. Many of her stories focus on unique experiences and authentic local culture.

“Over-40 travelers are familiar with many popular destinations as they have traveled extensively. Now they are looking for less well-known destinations that offer unexpected surprises and hidden gems that will create memories of a life-time” says Susanne Pacher, Publisher of Travel and Transitions at

An expert on travel in Canada, the United States, Latin America and Europe, Pacher’s Digital Travel Guides are unique. They combine a practical advice section with her first-person travel stories and in-depth feature stories about local tourism operators and attractions. An extensive resource section will make travel planning easy for readers. To provide a virtual travel experience and to facilitate travel planning, the guides will be illustrated with striking photos and contain video links to the covered destinations.

To learn more about Susanne Pacher’s travel series with more than 80 international destinations, visit The Travel & Transitions Facebook Community is now almost 48,000 people strong and is located at

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