New Seminar Series Educates Retirees Against Retirement Mistakes and Costly Missteps

Published on February 18, 2015

Over 44 million Americans over age 65 are facing stiff challenges to retire and stay retired. A new seminar series educates and equips retirees against the little-known mistakes and costly missteps that can derail the retirement plan.

In 1900, there were only a little over 3 million Americans over age 65. Today, the Census Bureau shows that 1 out of every 8 Americans is over age 65, numbering 44 million strong and increasing.

By 2030, 1 out of every 5 Americans will have celebrated their 65th birthday, with 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every single day. In fact, the fastest growing segment of the US population is those aged 100 and over! Retired workers receiving Social Security benefits has more than tripled since 1970, from 13.3 million in 1970 to over 39.0 million in 2014.  

Today’s retirees face significant challenges and obstacles to enjoying the reward for a lifetime of labor and sacrifice.

That is the subject of a new series of public seminars being held across the United States and Canada, designed to educate retirees on the major mistakes and costly missteps that can derail their retirement lifestyle. The fast-paced, 77-minute presentation explores the 7 major retiree fears and concerns: living too long, running out of money, taxes, inflation, the deficit, health care costs, living without purpose and meaning, and not passing on family values.

One hundred years ago, the average American died at 51 years old. Today, the average American retires at age 62 and could live to age 100. Imagine being 75 years old, in great health, full of life and running out of money. AARP reported that 2 out of 3 older Americans fear running out of money more than dying.

The fear of running out of money is not unfounded.

A recent CBS MarketWatch article, Our Next Big Crisis Will Be The Retirement Crisis, estimates that 1 out 2 retirees are at risk of not being able to maintain their standard of living in retirement.

It gets worse, if you live longer. The Wall Street Journal article, Are You Ready For A Long Retirement?, estimates that only 1 out of 3 retirees are financially prepared to live into their 90s.

In addition, running afoul of IRS retirement account rules can cost a bundle.

The Wall Street Journal reported that, “Uncle Sam is about to get a lot tougher on individual retirement account mistakes—and that could trip up investors who aren’t careful.” The IRA levied over half a billion dollars in fines in just a two year period for missed withdrawals and contributions that break the rules.

The presentation is designed to be both informative and entertaining, using stories of famous and not-so-famous people to illustrate costly retirement and estate planning mistakes. It further outlines practical steps people can take to protect their retirement wealth, including: Three Methods To Increase Your Retirement “Paycheck” and Create An Income You Can’t Outlive; The Most Under-Utilized Tax Benefits Used By The Ultra-Wealthy And Available to Everyone Now; How You Can Reduce And Even Eliminate Income Taxes On Your IRA and 401(k); How To Legally Bypass Capital Gains Taxes On Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate; and How To Know You’ll Always Have Income To Do What You Want To Do.

The presentations, including How To Reduce Income And Estate Taxes on Your IRA, 401(k) And Pension; Income And Estate Tax Reduction – 5 Simple Strategies To Pay Less In Taxes and Have More Money In Retirement; and Five Wealth And Retirement Income Destroyers & Tax Traps That Could Cut Your Retirement Income In Half are suitable for retired and soon-to-be-retired executives, business owners and other professionals.

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