Award-winning wedding photographer, Leise Jones, now offering mentorship program for selected startup wedding photographers

Published on January 4, 2019

BOSTON — Wedding photographers with up to two years of experience who want to learn how to grow a successful business while improving their technical skills and artistry are invited to apply for a new mentorship opportunity with Boston-based Leise Jones Photography.

Photographers interested in applying for the mentorship, should email by January 31, 2019. The email must include a link to their wedding photography samples and a cover letter explaining the applicant’s experience in wedding photography, areas seeking to improve upon, what the candidate loves most about weddings, and where they see their business progressing in five years.

Jones, one of Boston’s most successful event photographers, will select only two photographers to work with her privately at a significantly reduced rate of $150. To prepare for the wedding season, the selected photographers will meet with her twice per month starting with a group call on Monday March 4, with one-on-one mentoring calls through May. The chosen photographers will get individual feedback on current photos, learning new business strategies and creating marketing materials.

“A great photographer does more than take beautiful pictures,” Jones explains. “Creating a thriving wedding photography business requires a wide range of skills and knowledge.”

One-on-one sessions with Jones will help aspiring photographers:

  • Define their ideal client and target market within the wedding industry
  • Create marketing materials, including a website and social media pages, that will attract their ideal clients
  • Review pricing, packages, and products so that photographers are profitable and competitively priced
  • Gain feedback on basic composition, lighting, and posing techniques
  • Create a positive client experience so that their business gains more referrals
  • Make their workflow, editing, and production process more efficient and effective
  • Manage the logistics of a busy wedding day, along with the clients’ needs and wants, family dynamics, and demanding shot lists
  • Know common wedding pitfalls and how to avoid them

In addition to her mentorship program, the award-winning event and portrait photographer will be teaching all she knows about telling wedding stories through images to up-and-coming photographers in 2019. Her next class, “Big Events”, offered through Newton Community Education, begins on January 15 at Newton South High School. The six-week class will help ambitious amateur photographers capture photos of friends and family looking their best at big events. Participants will learn how about common elements to expect at large events, equipment needs, addressing different lighting scenarios and getting the best shots possible.

For more information about Jones’ mentorship program and photography classes, contact Leise Jones Photography at 617-671-5572 or For more information about services and availability, visit

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Since 2009, Leise Jones Photography has created thousands of authentic, natural-looking photographs of people and events. Award-winning photographer and owner Leise Jones delivers photographs that tell a story, commemorate important days and communicate a mission for small business, non-profit and wedding clients. She also teaches up-and-coming photographers with private mentorship programs and community education classes. Because of the company’s focus on helping people feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of the camera, Leise Jones Photography has won consecutive Couples’ Choice Awards in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and consistently receives unanimous five-star reviews on Yelp and Wedding Wire.

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