Stirling Corp. Announces the Launch of Its New, Improved Free Ebooks Android App

Published on January 4, 2019

Stirling Corp. announced the launch of its revised Android App today. The world’s
 number one free ebook and audiobook distributor helps authors connect with their ideal

Warren Whitlock, CEO of STIRLING CORP, an E-Book Digital Media Company, headquartered
 in Nevada, is announced the release on Google Play of its completely rewritten
 Android App, “Free-Ebooks”, as part of the world’s top free eBook and Audiobook site.

The original Android App has over 500,000 installs since 2010 and 2,123 raving reviews. “It
 was time to update our app”, according to Ashesh Bharadwaj, Stirling’s Lead Programmer on
 the project. “We can take advantage of improved technology and infrastructure and
 create a world-class reading and listening experience for our members.”

The Free eBooks App has often been rated in the top three by Google for “free eBooks” over
 the last decade.

“We are very excited as this new revised Android App will make it quicker and easier for our
 loyal readers to find their favorite authors and ebooks,” shared Warren Whitlock, CEO of
 Stirling Corp.

Whitlock added: “This upgrade was rewritten from the ground up. The massive variety of
 eBooks on the App means there is something for everybody. Free Members can read up to five
 ebooks a month for free. VIP members have unlimited access to all our libraries as well as all
 our audiobooks.”

The popularity of eBooks continues to grow. eBooks now outsell traditional paper-based books from online retailers. E-books sales alone are expected to top $20 Billion by the
 end of 2018.

Richard S., App User: “This is one of the best most important apps for me. It is easy to use, and there is no obligation to be a paid member. Instructions for using this app are simple, and it seems that the terms and conditions for using it are simple.”

About Stirling Corp

Stirling Corp offers eBooks and Audiobooks for digital download, with 5.3 million members,
 70,000+ eBook downloads monthly, it is one of the top destinations online for avid readers and
 advertising opportunities for forward-thinking companies.

The company mission is to bring enthusiastic readers and passionate authors together from
 around the world. The company will promote writer’s stories and creative work while also
 helping book lovers find free and affordable sources of education and entertainment.


Company Name: Stirling Corp
Contact Person: Ramona Massimo
Phone: 505-715-7845
Country: US