Axiom Cyber Solutions Announces Strategic Partner Distribution Agreement with Corporate Armor

Published on January 9, 2017

Corporate Armor will become a nationwide distributor for Axiom Cyber Solutions’ SecureAmerica Automated Threat Defense Platform.

Axiom Cyber Solutions today announced a partner distribution agreement with Corporate Armor of Charlotte, North Carolina, to distribute its line of SecureAmerica Automated Threat Defense Platform products.

With threats against businesses constantly evolving, Axiom Cyber Solutions CEO Troy Wilkinson finds that “the gap that businesses face in defending their company against hackers is that updates are rarely applied and even more rarely analyzed for the business case.” To combat the cyber security skills and update scheduling gaps, Axiom Cyber Solutions has developed the world’s first automated threat defense platform that can not only identify the newest threats and vulnerabilities but automatically dispatch the updates to the entire client base in real time.

Leveraging automation and machine learning, Axiom Cyber Solutions allows companies to do more with less, reducing the number of IT Security employees required or better yet, enabling these employees to focus more on the business tasks at hand.

The Corporate Armor research team actively seeks and evaluates the latest technological innovations and Corporate Armor CEO Thomas Schiffer believes “With today’s fast paced security threat challenges, mitigating risks is the number one responsibility for most of our customers. Finding new innovative companies with technology to meet those new demands is ours. We are excited with this new partnership and look forward to introducing Axiom’s products to our customer base.”

The distribution agreement is effective immediately and Axiom Cyber Solutions’ products will be made available shortly on Corporate Armor’s website.


About Axiom Cyber Solutions: Axiom Cyber Solutions is a Las Vegas-based cyber security company responsible for some of the most unique and most capable security solutions on the market. Axiom has a proprietary Denial of Service mitigation algorithm and currently produces the world’s most powerful DDoS mitigation appliance. Axiom also has a proprietary ransomware algorithm built into every device that can stop ransomware infections in a new and unique way focused on the communication rather than the ever-changing signature of ransomware. To find out more about Axiom Cyber Solutions, please visit

About Corporate Armor: Corporate Armor is an American value-added reseller of business-to-business technology infrastructure, with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina and stock distribution centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. It offers one of the largest curated selections of wireless, security, and data storage products available online. Corporate Armor started in May 2011 as an online resource for corporate IT professionals, providing comparative data, live consultation from certified experts, and access to a hand-selected line of products from top manufacturers including Fortinet, Cisco, Meraki, Check Point, EMC, Sophos, and Dell SonicWall. For more about Corporate Armor, please visit

Company Name: Axiom Cyber Solutions
Contact Person: Johnathan Flores
Phone: 800-519-5070
Country: United States