Axios Publishing Tapped to Release Highly Anticipated Travis Cody Manuscript

Published on March 14, 2016

Axios Publishing announced today that they had acquired the worldwide publishing rights to Travis Cody's upcoming title, "When a Book Is a Gold Mine: The Entrepreneur's Shortcut to Market Domination."

The award-winning Los Angeles firm, Axios Publishing just announced their acquisition of the latest manuscript from best selling author, Travis Cody, for an undisclosed sum. The specialized publishing house is not wasting any time scheduling “When a Book Is a Gold Mine: The Entrepreneur’s Shortcut to Market Domination” for a March 30, 2016, release date.

The highly anticipated new book guides entrepreneurs and business professionals worldwide through a process Cody has developed over the last five years which allows them to easily create a book of their own and then how to leverage that book to become a Six-Figure Author.

The worldwide release of “When a Book Is a Gold Mine” marks the first time Cody’s proprietary system, which combines the author’s sought after background in online marketing with the technology and reach of Amazon’s digital publishing platform, has been accessible outside of his private client base.

On his decision to tap Axios Publishing to handle the project Cody said, “I’m thrilled to have such a great team behind this. The book really is just the start of something much bigger”.

Gail Gloria, Purchasing Agent for Axios Publishing, stated, “It’s not often that a boutique firm like ours has the chance to work with an author who has such a track record. We’re excited about the future of this project. Mr. Cody has a very strong vision for what this book represents and we’re happy to now be part of that vision. 

We had a bit more competition for the manuscript than we thought we would, but in the end, Mr. Cody felt our offer was the best fit. “

“When a Book Is a Gold Mine: The Entrepreneur’s Shortcut to Market Domination” will be Cody’s fourth book. Axios representatives expect strong opening sales on release day. His previous titles include “Celebrity Rules(!)”,  “Cure Overwhelm Now” and “Imagine”, of which the former two went on to hit #1 on Amazon Best Sellers Lists.

Company Name: Axios Publishing
Contact Person: Gail Gloria
Phone: (702) 751 4478
Country: USA