Back to Health Chiropractic Center is Relocating in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania

Published on September 23, 2016

Back to Health Chiropractic Center is relocating to 593 Bethlehem Pike Suite 9 in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania. The new location is easily accessible for residents of Bucks and Montgomery Counties.
Moving to its new Montgomeryville home, Back to Health Chiropractic Center will now be more centrally located for residents of Bucks and Montgomery Counties.  The center, owned and operated by Dr. Sherri Zaffrin, will continue to treat the whole body with many modalities including chiropractic care, functional diagnostic medicine, nutritional counseling, weight management, health coaching, cold laser therapy, and ion cellular cleanse/ detox foot baths. 
With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Brooklyn College and having graduated Cum Laude from Pennsylvania Straight Chiropractic College, Dr. Sherri Zaffrin is approaching thirty years of chiropractic experience. Her unique approach as a chiropractor is to re-establish optimum communication and function throughout the body by using gentle, low force, non-invasive adjustments which is often preferred by her patients. As a Functional Diagnostic Medicine practitioner, she uses a personalized systems-oriented model that empowers patients and practitioner to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease. Dr. Sherri Zaffrin keeps on top of the latest healthcare developments through ongoing postgraduate and postdoctoral education.  She prides herself on actually listening to her patients and using a total body approach. Dr. Zaffrin is also a sought after speaker who has conducted presentations on topics such as mindfulness, healthy aging, memory loss, nutrition and wellness at multiple institutions and events.
 As a Patients Choice Winner for being voted one of the best North Wales Practices for Chiropractic Care in 2015, patients can expect to receive the same excellent care they have become accustomed to receiving from Dr. Sherri Zaffrin.

Company Name: Back To Health Chiropractic Center
Contact Person: Dr. Sherri Zaffrin
Phone: (215) 412-8081
Country: USA