Deadline Extension for Interviewees Toronto-Area Professionals and Business Owners for Their Silver Linings Stories, for Podcast, Books and Articles

Published on September 23, 2016

Toronto - In an effort to bring more awareness to local business talent, and help everyone feel good about their challenges, Social Sparkle & Shine has begun interviews to explore and report back on the best lessons learned from the failures experienced by Toronto residents.

Debbie Horovitch, the Amazon bestselling book series creator of the Silver Linings Storybook confirmed that today her service extended the deadline to October 10 for a focused search for the best silver linings stories to be shared on her podcast.

The best stories and insights, that are the most common identifiable struggles, may also be published additionally in a print book in Toronto, and articles for mass media.

She says “These stories are about the hard times that we all experience, and how each storyteller realized these struggles were needed to move them forward in their life and career. Telling these stories can be healing for the business owner too – because it’s not just everyday publicity, they’re actually being asked to explore the clear or surprising benefits in their own unique experiences of disappointment, humiliation or loss.”

“I am honored to tell my story for the hard working individuals feeling “stuck” in their current career and confused about the next steps. Moving from my Kinesiology career to the Online Business world was not easy, but it provided me with a great new challenge and opportunity to succeed. I am excited to be a part of the Silver Linings Storybook Toronto and share my story with all of you.” Jordan Klein, Director of Operations at Shade Works Window Fashions

Sasha Alexander, founder of Dani Adeline fashions for petite professional women said “I’ve always wondered how some people I’ve met have gotten themselves into books. I never knew how to ask them but I always wanted share my knowledge with people in some way, which is why I originally wanted to be a screenwriter. By being interviewed for this book I can share information and get my name out there.”

Interested candidates from Toronto, and across Canada or International can be interviewed with their insights recorded in person, at events, as well as online, to have them shared in a professionally produced and printed book, including many other stories of accomplished and self-aware local colleagues.

This edition Horovitch is currently interviewing for their stories exclusively Toronto-area business owners & professionals who want to help others through challenging times in business, by sharing their own silver linings story.

The Silver Linings Storybook is modeled after the Chicken Soup for the Soul bestselling multi-author books and is being well received as noted by the reviews of the book online.

This Toronto focused edition is a test for publisher Horovitch who is streamlining her process and learning from previous editions to coordinate much larger compilation books (including a Canada 150 edition in 2017 including stories from some of Canada’s most accomplished individuals), including the best stories from “The Silver Linings Storybook: 35 Heart-Warming Personal Stories to Inspire and Connect You to Your Dream Business or Career in Toronto”.

Social Sparkle & Shine has pledged 100% of the royalties from the retail sales of the book to be donated to a local not for profit organization, the benefactor will be selected by nomination process this Fall. They will benefit the most from additional awareness for their message, by participating in the promotion and publicity surrounding the book when it comes out in December.

She went on to describe this edition as an everyday reference for Toronto professionals who need to know that other real people in their area have been through struggles similar to their own, and those struggles are directly credited for preparing them for future opportunities and achievements.

This project is already receiving positive feedback and interest, with new supporters being nominated and joining daily.

The next major announcement will be the charity benefactor who will be featured in the book by contributing their personal silver linings stories, and in all the publicity and events. “I’m so excited to showcase those special and often under-celebrated professionals who are actually in the trenches, working hard every day and willing to share their experience to benefit a great cause, and the success of other professionals in the city. That’s what will make this a win-win-win project.”

Find out more about this project, and nominate yourself or another person to be featured in an upcoming local or niche edition of The Silver Linings Storybook, by visiting the publisher Debbie Horovitch at or by calling 416-553-2157

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