Barak Granot Shares Insights On Dentists’ Path To Success Through Positioning

Published on May 30, 2016

Barak Granot, the founder of DentoMetrix, a leading dental marketing agency, was interviewed on Business Innovators Radio and discussed marketing strategies that dental professionals should take in today's economy in order to expand.

The Business Innovators Magazine radio show covers stories from the most innovative leaders in business, such as Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos and Dave Ramsey. This interview with Barak Granot, author of “Attract Better Patients – How To Position Yourself As The Go-To Dentist In Town For Higher Value Cases,” was published on May 23, 2016

In this informative interview, listeners discovered how dental offices could get better patients and higher value client care cases.

“DentoMetrix” is a dental marketing agency that helps dentists to establish positioning, positive profiles and authority in their respective areas and specialties.  DentoMetrix is utilizing a system labeled “Predictable Patients Technology”, a marketing methodology built around taking dental practices to the next level of client attraction, focus and service.

Barak Granot is the co-founder of “DentoMetrix” and author of the book “Attract Better Patients – How To Position Yourself As The Go-To Dentist In Town For Higher Value Cases.”  He founded his company after seeing the quality gap in dental marketing and patient retention. Granot and his team assembled proprietary technology that builds positioning and reputation from the ground up to establish long-term, high-value customer relationships.  “DentoMetrix” understands that running a business is taxing on resources and allows dentists to outsource their marketing efforts while reducing the stress on the practice to find new valuable business leads.

Barak Granot explains that “Dentists love what they do.  They like to provide high levels of service and care to their clients.  They want to be good at business and at providing the very best in their professional fields.” and this is how “DentoMetrix” was born.

In this interview, Granot also touches on the business aspects of being a dentist.  Predictable Patients Technology is about building a system with the end in mind.  He describes a dentist as a CEO and not a technician.  The focus is on helping dentists define their roles within their practices.   Predictable Patients Technology builds the right trust with clients, allows enough time for partnering dentists to focus on their craft and provides the tools that help dental offices stand out from the crowd.  Higher level patients are more receptive to positioning, staying loyal, spending more and caring more about their oral health, and this is what the “DentoMetrix” approach to marketing captures.  Its dental patients’ attraction and prediction for doctors that are looking for a new approach to marketing. 

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