Bathroom Remodeling Expert John Campbell Featured in Business Innovators Magazine

Published on May 4, 2016

John Campbell of Quality Advantage Home Products in Virginia helps people live at home longer by remodeling their bathrooms with safety in mind. He shared his renovation expertise with Business Innovators Magazine.

The aging population is the largest demographic in the U.S. Safety becomes an issue as more mature adults strive to stay in their homes as long as possible. Business Innovators Magazine contributor Stephanie Miller interviewed bathroom remodeling expert John Campbell about how this is possible with a bathroom renovation that typically takes just one day.

“We’re a certified aging in place specialist, CAPS certified distributor, so we know what’s best as the baby boomers age to keep them in their homes longer. Our biggest target market is the baby boomers who are mainly looking to take that tub out and put in a shower so they can continue to stay in their home,” said Campbell.

According to research by AARP, ninety percent of seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age. Seventy percent of seniors who modified their homes said they did so for safety reasons, and sixty percent wanted to increase their ability to live independently.

It’s important that safety features be properly installed. “Everything we have is ADA compliant,” stated Campbell. “The way we install them meets the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. We put blocking in behind the new drywall for the grab bars, so that when we secure the grab bars, they meet the ADA requirements for weight and strength. If you grab them, you can count on them. They’ll actually hold you.”

Safety extends beyond the work Quality Advantage Home Products performs. Their employees go through a rigorous screening before being hired. Campbell explains, “We don’t just take on anyone who fills out an application and say, ‘You’re our new crew chief.’ You have to have certain skills. We check your driving records. We run you through a background criminal investigation. If you don’t pass it, we can’t hire you.”

OPENOnline, a company that is accredited by the NAPBS Background Screening Credentialing Council, stated in a recent article, “When a company is open and upfront about the care it takes to select its service agents, it may stand out among competitors when consumers compare possible options.”

The interview included several other ways Quality Advantage outshines their competition. From being a family owned and operated business vs. a franchise that builds in fees, to offering transferable warranties. “We’re the only ones with manufacturers that stand behind their products and transfer that warranty to a new owner,” Campbell proudly stated.

Another difference is their installers are paid hourly vs. by the job. Campbell pointed out, “We have a process we follow, start to finish, no corners cut, so we know what our end result is. I don’t care if it takes them five hours or eight hours, he’s getting paid by the hour, so actually he makes more money by slowing down and doing it right. That gives us the reputation and the good, quality results we’re looking for.”  

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