Jeff Sonnergren, founder and President of Successful Education Solutions, Discusses College Planning | Carmel, New York College Planner

Published on May 5, 2016

Jeff Sonnergren recently spoke with Mike Saunders, host of Business Innovators Magazine Radio Show, about selecting and funding a college education.

The discussion focused on selecting the right college to fit students’ needs, while maximizing return on investment. Mr. Sonnergren noted that students should select a school that will give them the best chance of being successful. This is different than choosing the most prestigious or expensive school, because these types of institutions may not offer the best value proposition. Instead, Mr. Sonnergren suggests that students attend a school where they, “are a big fish in a small pond.”

The interview covered a range of topics important to college planners as well. Best practices for advising students, the methods used to select schools and tips for college planners were discussed, along with the value that Successful Education Solutions offers its clients. Students looking to score higher on admissions testing or find the best college fit can benefit from what this company has to offer.

A practical, intelligent approach to college planning and finance are taking the place of conjecture and overrated private school educations. Parents and students alike are looking for better ways to make college pay off, because college planning and selection has never been more challenging.

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