Best Selling Author Aaron Ralph Thomas Appears on The Video Marketing Show

Published on August 28, 2014

Teleprompter Pro and Best Selling Author Aaron Ralph Thomas shares tips from his Amazon best seller “The Teleprompter Bible: 10 Techniques to Teleprompter Mastery for Corporate and Online Video Production.” Thomas offers information to help presenters save time and money using auto cues in his latest podcast interview.

Willingboro, NJ – Author and Multi-Media Entrepreneur Aaron Ralph Thomas recently appeared on the show, The Video Marketing Show, where he talked to the show’s host Ryan Spanger about teleprompters and how they can improve on-camera presenting.

A self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Thomas wears many hats as an author, lecturer, online media strategist, executive producer, and teacher. As founder and CEO of Your World Productions Inc, known as the “Teleprompter Kings,” Thomas transitioned his company from being primarily video production with teleprompter services to now being primarily a teleprompter company that provides video production services due to the high demand.

“I’m a huge proponent of teleprompters and that’s why I transitioned my business,” says Thomas. “Having a teleprompter helps my clients deliver their messages with ease.” A teleprompter, or autocue, is a display device that prompts people on camera with text from a script or speech they need to say and helps them to appear as if they have memorized that message. Thomas has helped thousands of presenters confidently deliver their messages using teleprompters.

“This guy is like the Einstein of auto cues,” says Spanger, who owns an Australian-based video production company, called Dream Engine. Spanger likened Thomas to “teleprompter royalty” in the interview, citing several of Thomas’ high profile clients including corporate executives, heads of States, well known celebrities, entrepreneurs, and politicians.

The “teleprompter king” reached best-selling status in three Amazon categories this year: #3 in Kindle Communications; #4 in Amazon-Computer & Technology Hardware; and #4 in Kindle-Computer & Technology Hardware with his book The Teleprompter Bible: 10 Techniques to Teleprompter Mastery for Corporate and Online Video Production.”  In the thirty-eight page book, Thomas provides ten techniques to mastering the benefits and use of the teleprompter and shares the three most common mistakes to avoid when using a teleprompter.

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